Nightly Business Report(NBR) is a nightly business news show airing on most PBS stations. The show first began in 1979 and talks about stock market changes and interviews with business professionals.The daily program consists of reports on the changes in the stock market, indices, and stocks of note for the day, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, the S&P 500, and other major markets, as well as interviews with important business persons, generally CEOs of major companies as well as economists, market analysts and policy makers. Programs on market holidays depart from this format, and often deal with a single subject or theme; New Year's Day and Independence Day editions tend to focus on retrospectives and predictions for the past and coming fiscal periods. The program often concludes with a commentary. Segments within the program include Market Monitor, Street Critique, Women in Leadership, and Planet Forward to name a few. There was a 15-minute morning version of NBR called Morning Business Report during the mid-1990s.