Writer-director Woody Allen brings romance and comedy together in his first movie musical that celebrates love for one extended family with classic love songs and hilarious production number making perfect (and sometimes not so perfect) harmony. We see Joe, a writer living in Paris returning to New York after his French girlfriend dumping him and turns to his ex-wife Steffi and her current husband, Bob for advice. Meanwhile, the rest of the family has their share of love problems: oldest daughter Skylar just got engaged to Holden, but finds herself falling for a recently paroled prisoner; brother Scott enjoying his newfound Republican conservatism...much to the dismay of his liberal Democratic family; and younger sisters Lane and Laura just discovering boys only to find themselves attracted to the same boy. Then things get more complicated when Joe, along with his and Steffi's daughter Djuna (D.J. for short) flees to Venice to get away from his broken heart...only to meet a woman named Von who begins to make her think that he is the man of her dreams. But is he really? It's time to get ready to fall in love with love as everyone says I love you.