The Chicken Ranch is a whorehouse that got its' name back in The Great Depression. Back during that time, people who wanted to be with the girls paid for them with chickens, due to food being difficult to get in those days. In the place's later years, one of its' best workers was Mona Stangley (Dolly Parton). She eventually took control of the place when the original owner died. It's been doing great business for many years, but an outraged TV reporter named Melvin P. Thorpe (Dom DeLuise) is looking to shut the place down.

This places Mona's love interest Sherrif Ed Earl Dodd (Burt Reynolds) in a conflict of interest, being as he loves Mona. Will he uphold the law or follow his heart? Will the ranch stay open or will it shut down? Watch this movie and find out.