The Wormwoods are a not so nice family who live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. The father Harry Wormwood is a sleazy car salesman who is under constant monitor by the FBI and the mother Zinnia spends all day every day at the Bingo Hall playing Bingo. The Wormwoods fail to realize their mistake of a daughter Matilda is a child prodigy from the day she was born. At her request, her father reluctantly sends her to school at Crunchem Hall, a ratty looking school headed by Agatha Trunchbull, an ex-Olympic athlete and gold medal winner in the hammer throw who despises children, and gets sheer enjoyment out of torturing them in school. Matilda soon learns her first-grade teacher Miss Honey is the nicest person in her life, and actually respects her, but she soon learns Miss Honey has a dark past, and only she can be the one to come to her level and help her fix her life, with the help of strangely developed psychic powers. Based on the novel by Roald Dahl.