Judging Amy
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2005

A family drama focused on three generations of women living together in Hartford, Connecticut. Amy Gray, a former Wall Street attorney left New York City behind, and is now based in the Hartford Judicial District IN Connecticut Family Court Judge. A touching and moving award-winning drama, this show is sure to relate to you in some way or another.

Amy: "The only way we do better is by figuring out what we did wrong."
Maxine: "So I can have sex, Sean. Why else would anyone get married?"
Sean: "A week from Saturday? Maxine, why are you getting married a week from Saturday?"
Maxine: "Never wear fire for a hat... I haven't any idea what it means. I read it in a bathroom stall once and it stuck with me. -Maxine"
Maxine: "By the way, I'm getting married a week from Saturday. I expect you to be there. -Maxine"
Maxine: "No, my director is a former drug addict. I myself am a former high school student, and everyone here used to poop in your pants. What's your point? -Maxine"
Maxine: "2 weeks ago my fiancée died of a heart attack, 48 hours before we were to be wed. Also, I've cut my hair."
Shelly Cecil: "Oh so thats why she's not answereing my emails. Of course I understand, I killed my best friend, I saw her lying there. My life is over, I can't go back to school, I can't even walk down the street. I'm a murderer. So do what ever you want with me -Shelly Cecil"
Shelley Cecil: "So do what ever you want with me. Okay. Put me in jail for the rest of my life. Make her happy, because its all over. I'm already dead."
Amy: "Mother, (hands Maxine a flowery pinkish dress) this is your festive section."
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