Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is an artist, who is forced to go back to work when his plans to freelance don't pay off. Unhappy and stuck in a dead end job, he gets a little heavenly intervention in the form of Kira (Olivia Newton John, "Grease"). So when Sonny meets aging clarinet player Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly), Kira encourages them to open up a nightclub together. But when the plans are complete, Sonny has to let go of his muse, who has to return back to her father, Zuess.

This remake of the 1947 film "Down to Earth" has become legendary for being one of the all-time biggest box-office disasters. The film boasts virtually no story, instead compensating with overblown production numbers, visuals, and songs performed by Newton-John, ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and the Tubes. It plays out like an overlong music video. Also notable is that Kelly is playing the same character he portrayed in the 1944 film "Cover Girl."