This comedy chronicles the romantic exploits of a rather stodgy young man with a traffic fetish. Even as a child Charlie Dunlap was totally fixated by freeway traffic. Charlie's biggest idol is Alan Davenport, a radio traffic reporter. As a young man, Charlie falls in love with the lively, free-spirited Amy and they become lovers the night before she leaves for college. Their relationship disintegrates during her absence and Charlie ends up moving to LA to be near the great freeways. Even his rundown apartment overlooks the freeway. Single-minded Charlie is determined to get a job working for Alan Davenport, but his efforts to get hired at Metro Traffic are thwarted by an officious employee. He goes to a neighboring cafe and there discovers Amy working as a waitress. When not working, she performs with an experimental dance troupe that stages its productions at toxic-waste dump sites. Though he wants to start up their relationship again, she tells him she has found another. Charlie ends up having a passionate affair with his landlady. Later he meets Davenport and manages to achieve his dream and become his assistant. Through it all he still longs for Amy and in the end the two do indeed come together. — Sandra Brennan

Josh Charles - Charlie Dunlap
Anne Heche - Amy
John Goodman - Alan Davenport
Peter Riegert - Dad Dunlap
Christine Ebersole - Mom Dunlap
Christine Lahti - Ruby
Kevin Scannell - Dr. Sherman
Brent Spiner - Up-scale Guy
Dey Young - Mrs. Tarnell
Wil Wheaton - Jack
Brian Davila - Jack (age 10)
Bob Balaban - Paul Entamen
Thomas Wagner - Ruby's Brother
Jamie Marsh - Nigel
Sidney Chankin - Funeral Guest
Alfred Dennis - Ruby's Dad
Carlease Burke - Traffic Reporter
David Rasche - Amys Dad
William Newman - Funeral Guest
Gokul - Cabbie
Peggy Miley - Rubys Mom
Kathryn Grody - Amy's Mom