A golden Buddha and two kickboxing con men provide the basis of this lively martial-arts actioner that opens during the Vietnam war as three lost commandos make their way though the jungle and find themselves in a cave containing a fabulous golden Buddha. The story jumps ahead twenty years as two con artists Dave and James run a successful scam that bilks gamblers out of their money during phony kickboxing matches. One of the three veterans tells the grifters about the treasure and enlists their aide in getting it. He then draws them a map just before he is executed by the villain McMann's henchmen. Shortly thereafter, James, Dave, and Dave's girl friend, Julie, head for Cambodia. They are pursued by McMann and his deadly gang. The question then becomes, who will get to the treasure first? — Sandra Brennan

Bridgett "Baby Doll" Riley
Nick Nicholson - McMann
Steve Rogers - Capt. Burroughs
Dale "Apollo" Cook - Dave Masters
Michael Cole
Robert Marius - Sgt. Adams
Ron Hall - James Stokes
Ned Hourani - Karl