Okay we've heard stories about the oldest kid and stories about the youngest kid now let's make arguements for the kid who's in the middle.
The middle kid is often forgotten due in fact that they're not the oldest, so they can't really do anything for themselves, and they're not the youngest anymore, so they're not as cute as their youngest sibling is, but let me say one thing. WE STILL LIKE TO TORTURE OUR OLDER AND YOUNGER SIBLINGS!! :)

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This is what it feels like to be a middle kid.

The above picture illustrates what being a middle kid is all about. You're not really old enough to do anything that's fun, like the oldest kid, but then you're not young enough to be the cutest kid; like the youngest kid. This is how it was when I was a kid. There was 3 years between me and my older sister and then another 2 years between me and my younger brother.

I hated being the middle kid because I always thought that my mother had made a mistake having a third child. I don't feel that way anymore but boy did I ever feel that way when I was younger.

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Hey what's wrong with this picture?

The best part about being a middle child is that you could get away with almost anything like

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Water Balloons

Water balloons are always a lot of fun for the middle kid especially when you can get away with slamming them over your sibling's head and thus getting them all soaking wet.

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The bucket of water over the sibling's head: the way to go if you're entire goal is to torture your younger sibling.

So is the ever popular dumping a bucket of water over your sibling's head. Another easy way to get your siblings all wet without the extra effort of filling up a balloon or anything else with water. It's a little more torturous than the water balloons but it's still makes the siblings all wet and that's the fun part. ;)

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Water guns are also a fun way to torture the siblings espcially when your parents aren't around to see what you do.

All the more reason for parents to take some extra precautions in what they teach to their children.

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A Little Kissy Torture

My brother used to really hate it when I would try to kiss and hug him so I'd keep on torturing him by trying to kiss and hug him until he screamed out "MOMMY! SHE'S TRYING TO KISS ME!!" My brother was never a touchy feely kind of person when he was a kid. In fact he's still not a touchy feely sort of person now.

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Broken Toys!

Ahh yes breaking my younger brother's toys. I remember when I broke the foot off of my brother's Bumblebee toy when he was 5 and I was 7 but I don't think I ever did it on purpose. He got so upset that he forbade me from touching his toys. That is until I did it again!

Did your mother ever tell you NOT to jump on the bed? My mother always told me and my sister not to jump on the bed but then we did it anyways. What little kids aren't going to try and test their mother's limits?

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This is not me and not my older sister but we always had fun jumping on the bed even though our mother told us that we shouldn't jump on the bed.

My mother remembers when I was about 2. I was jumping on my sister's bed with her and then I bet her that I could jump higher than her so we both started jumping and jumping and then I bounced right off the bed and split my lip opened. Of course I don't remember any of this because I was too young to remember.
I ended up in the Sick Kids emergency room with a doctor that was from the same area as my mother. He was the one who treated my cut lip. I still bare the scar on my lip but it still didn't stop me from jumping on the bed.

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Ahh yes the HSC emergency room. It wasn't quite as big back then as it is now but it was still the best place to get the best care possible when you're past your family doctor's normal business hours. Nothing to be boastful about but I've been in and out of those emergency room doors more times than I can remember. Whenever I got hurt for whatever reason we went to the HSC emergency room.

So you see we middle kids like to torture our siblings too. We just do it on a less noticable scale, act all innocent, and hope that our parents don't ground us for the rest of our lives. But tis all in good fun because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Part of the fun of torturing your younger and older siblings is the fun ways that there are to torture them.

Ahh the fun of being a middle kid. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!