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The Muppets, I Assume you have all heard of them ? Well if you havent......HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A FRICKIN ROCK FOR OVER 30 YEARS !?!?! just kidding just kidding

Lets Start With A Classic Program I Thing You Can Guess The Name.......

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This was a part of most peoples lives growing up, it taught us values,numbers,letters,songs etc.
Most People loved it, one of those people would be me. It was a HUGE part of my childhood, and i would guess also some of yours.

Now For Some OF The Classic Characters:

Big Bird:article image
Big Bird was the bird that everyone loved, he was always very curios

Oscar The Grouch:article image
Oscar he was the street ..well uh grouch ! despit hes tough exterior he was actually a very nice Muppet.

Ernie & Bert:article image
Ernie was the nice duck loving one, while Bert was the meaner uglier one who liked pigeons and lentle soup.

Cookie Monster: article image.
Cookie Monster was the monster who loved cookies, apperantly now a days hes fruits andd vegetables monster because they didnt want him having a bad influence on kids WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT !?!?!?!

Grover:article image
Grover was the Muppet that never really did much but some times he did say what leter it was that day .

Kermit:article image.
Well Dont think i left kermit because hes my least favourite i actually put him last on purpose. He has always been my favourite Muppet. Hes the funniest,smartest,etc,
Actaully when i was litte i had tons of kermit toys and movies and almost anything imaginable

Well this is the end of my first article please stay tuned for part 2 The Muppet Show !!