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The Opry House (March 20th, 1929)
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Mickey doing his piano solo.

Just a quick mention, "The Opry House" was the first Mickey cartoon were he wears gloves, the short begins without him wearing any but when the show begins he is wearing them (presumably to make his hands easier to follow during his belly dance and piano solo). The plot is similar to "Orphan's Benefit" in the fact that it's just gag after gag of people trying to entertain an audience.

Two trees getting married after stopping a potential forest fire.

I really should have included this in my first article considering what a milestone it is but anyway, this short is a milestone for being the first Disney short in colour (Technicolor). This time around the plot is of a rotten tree who wants to steal another trees girlfriend and when sent away he starts to make a fire, to kill the other tree, by rubbing a stick against a log and nearly sets fire to the forest but luckily the birds and flowers put out the fire before anyone gets hurt except the rotten tree who died in the fire.
The short ends on a happy note of the two trees getting married while the flowers dance around them.
Also I would like to add in this quote from Disney about this short:
"When I saw those three rich, true colors on one film, I wanted to shout." - Walt Disney