When I was a kid, about 12 or so, I was at Wal-Mart and saw a book title that appealed to me: The Great Puke-Off by Pat Pollari. It was only 99 cents so I think I bought four of them that day. Numbers one through four of a series of books called "Barf-O-Rama."
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These are little stories, around 20,000 words or so. I was bored, and for research, I actually counted the words of chapter one and multiplied by 14 since there was 14 chapters. They were the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" of their day (1996). Yes, I still have the ones I got. Well, anyway, the basic underlying theme of most of these stories are of a mean, wimpy kid getting revenge on a bully by means of really disgusting ways.
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One of which, was the story of "To Wee or Not To Wee," one of which has some kid getting revenge by going to some magician who puts a hex on this other kid, which if he says a certain word (not a four-letter one) he'll lose control of all his bodily functions. Unfortunately, he was in a play when it happened.
These are sophomoric stories at most, the only humor being in the fact that very disgusting things are going on in them. Some titles rip on then-current movie titles ("Jurassic Fart," "Forest Dump," etc.)
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This is a picture of the cover of the last book in my collection. (#15) There were two more made, which I cannot for the life of me track down. If you happen to have #16 and #17 ("A Fungus Among Us" and "Spoiled Rotten") please let me know. My mom got this off the internet for me at about 1997 or so, when the Internet was just starting up. I bet it was Amazon. Also, there was a Barf-O-Rama website and a gazette that went along with the book series. Unfortunately, I didn't subscribe to the club and don't have any gazette issues, which I wonder: What did they do when the book series was no longer published? I'd hope they'd at least give refunds.
For the past 15 or so years I've wondered whether the Pat in "Pat Pollari" was a man or a woman. (I was a kid who had way too much time on his hands.) I've done some research and "Pat Pollari" is a pen name of Katherine Applegate (author of the "Animorphs" series, among others.) So there you have it! Pat is a woman!
Well, anyway, that's my 15 stories, and I'm sticking to them.