My 10 favorite pog designs

The best of the best of pog designs.
January 20, 2012
I had just turned 12 when pogs were all the rage in 1994. They were everywhere. At the mall, in the stores, even in boxes of cereal. If ever there was a thing that I loved about the '90s, this is it. This is a tribute to my ten favorite pog designs. And since I have about 1,700 pogs at my disposal and if this article is popular, I might make another one. So here are my ten favorite pog designs.

#s 1-4 - these are sentimental designs for me. Whenever I see them, they scream '90s pog collecting and harken back to the day when they were popular.

I can sum this one up in one word - pretty. I think I had traded a couple for this one if I recall correctly.

A new favorite. Re-looking at these, I have some new favorite designs. This is one of them.

This is a cool one. Another sentimental design, but not as much as the first four I mentioned.

This is the quintessential pog. It has two pog staples (no, not the ones in the offical pogs.) The 8 ball and the word "POISON." I have no idea why one of these two dominated the pog design world, but they did. I think I heard somewhere that the 8-ball designated drugs or something, but I have no idea what POISON means.

OK, this is not a pog, but I put it here and in my pog collection because it is round and made of cardboard. This is a "Star Sports Coin" from 7-Eleven from 1984. When you tilt it, two pictures come up one after one: A picture of him in complete football regalia, and another of his face. You might call it a pog predecessor. On the back it has Mr. Anderson's career totals and says it's "XIV of XX," a fancy way of saying "#14 of 20."

An example of the blade design pogs. Hey, who doesn't like to be reminded they're an irritant?
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