My top 5 TMNT Action Figures

What TMNT action figure was the coolest?
March 05, 2007
Durring the ear of the Ninja Turtles, I like every other TV watching kid spent alot of time watching the Turtles battle it out on the screen against the evil Shredder and his cronies...Although watching the show was awesome, I was an imaginative kid, and i needed other ways to supply myself with fun. So what did I do? I created my own TMNT storylines by acting them out with the action figures. I had quite an exceptional collection, however i can remember vividly becoming another kid's friend because he said i could play with his TMNT action figures...friends with benefits...haha. Anyway, i've played with alot of the TMNT figures, and these are my top 5 faves of all the figures ive well as some on->

5.) Muck Man/Cowboy Don -- Muck Man was an awesome character. I mean what better badguy then a pile of trash? The only thing i never understood about the toy was the removable bannana on his head. The part i liked about him most was all the creatures and crap in his "skin", and the sewer lid foot./Cowboy Donatello was a cool figure to have, and i enjoyed playing with him...I also liked to chew on his spurrs...

4.) Triceraton -- Although I didnt own this figure i played with it plenty down at my afore mentioned friends house. I always like the texture of the toy and the horn with the cloth on it. I think the main reason i liked it however, was that i was the biggest Dinosaur fanatic.

3.) Super Shredder -- After the second movie came out, i got the Super Shredder action figure...I liked the figures spikes. I often liked to use him as a good guy because of how cool he looked, the huge football padlike shoulder spikes are my favorite. After Shredder comes in contact with the ooze, he becomes even cooler...

2.) Raphael -- Plain and simple, Raphael was my fave TMNT so i had to have him on here somewhere, plus the original plain figures are not to be messed with...classic


1.) Bebop/Warrior Bebop -- What can I say? I think Bebop, although stupid, is one of the coolest badguys ever made...and warrior Bebop is even more badass.

Honorable Mentions:


Hot Head

Doctor El

My biggest disapointment ever!

Raphael with the storage back, it was always falling off! I did like the face alot though...

Hope you enjoyed this article, Until Next time...Bye bye!
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