A review of the greatest game system of all time
April 11, 2007

For those of you are reading this wondering "What the hell is Intellivision?" I feel so sorry for you. You never got the chance to expirience the greatest thing since sliced bread. My suggestion to you before you die is that you get a chance to play this gamesystem which gave me so many great memories. Anyway enough rambling, pretty self explanatory article...

These are my top 5 favorite games from the greatest gamesystem ever created. (no particular order)

1.) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AND) Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin

This game is really fun if you're into D&D, or if you just like a fun video game with a good storyline. Great monster badguys, amazing graphics! (ok I lied the graphics aren't that great...but they were back when it was made)

2.) Shark!Shark!

You are a fish and you have to eat other fish that are littler then you. Watch out! it the shark comes he will eat you. Kill him by swimming over his tail. Awesome game that my friend and I spent countless hours trying to beat each other at.

3.) Burger Time

Can you put together the burgers before getting stopped by the sausage, egg, or pickle? And advance to the next round? Don't forget to use that pepper to slow those badguys down...Another classic game I could never get enough of.
4.) Lock n Chase

Although many called it a Pacman ripoff, I saw it as another entirely different game. I loved to play a little LnC , but never quite got the controls down pat, which is why I wasn't that good I guess. All in all however it is a fun game, even if the controls were a bit confusing.

5.) Baseball

Probably my favorite game. I used to love playing this game with my friend all the time. We were huge baseball fans and would play this game constanly.

Heres a final piece of Intellivision history before I say my goodbyes:

Does anyone else remember these great games? I wish I had an Intellivision nowadays because I would play these games nonstop. Great fun! I hope you enjoyed my article...Until next time.

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