My favorite NES games

An article about some of my most favorite games for the NES.
August 03, 2009
Hello everyone! I am now back with yet another article. Last time I made an article which was known as "Memories of my Nintendo 64" but this time it will be about some of my most favorite games from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

When I was 3 years old our parents got me and my brothers our very first NES and then my grandparents got us another NES when I was 4 years old. We got another NES so that we had one at my parent's house and the other one at my grandparent's house since we visited my grandparents a lot. We had at least a total of 15 games for our first two NES's. In the year of 2000, we lost both of our NES's. We're not sure what happened, they just stopped working for us one day. I ended up with two more NES's in 2004, one of my NES's had to get repaired because it had a broken part to it but other than that they are still working great.

That's about it for the story of our NES's, I will now start off with some of my most favorite games for the NES and they would be the following...


Pinball was one of the games that we used to have when we were little and later found it again when I found the other two NES's back in 2004. The purpose of Pinball is very simple, you use the cross pad to control the left flipper and you use either the A or B buttons to control the right flipper. My most favorite thing about this game would be the bonus round. The purpose of the bonus round is to control Mario who is holding some kind of platform and what he has to do is hit the ball at the numbers and eventually his girlfriend (I'm assuming it's his girlfriend) will hopefully land on the platform and then carry her to safety. I remember when I first got the game I couldn't catch his girlfriend worth anything, I kept dropping her. There was this one time she even walked off of the platform that Mario was carrying and she pretty much killed herself.

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

Super Mario Bros. was another game that me and my brothers had when we were younger. We actually had two copies of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt when we were little. The reason we had a spare copy of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt was because one of the copies did not work very well with one of our NES's which I find rather strange. Anyways, the purpose of Super Mario Bros. is to beat four levels in each of the eight worlds in order to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser. I remember back to when I was 5 years old, I could not even beat world 1. Now, I have no problem beating the game. I can now get 5,000 points on every flagpole (5,000 points is the most you can get on the flagpoles, the lowest score you can get on a flagpole is a 100).

I first started playing Duck Hunt when I was 5 years old. Basically, all you do is simply shoot the ducks with your Zapper. Duck Hunt can give you three options: either choose Game A to shoot one duck, Game B to shoot two ducks, or Game C to shoot clay pigeons instead of shooting ducks. I remember that I used to do it the easy way, having the Zapper touching the screen of the tv. When I was little, the farthest level that I ever got to would be around levels 5 to 10. As of today, the farthest level I ever got to was level 52 and no I did not have the Zapper touching the screen of the tv. LOL!

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 was yet another NES game that me and my brothers had when we were little. The purpose of this game is basically the same as Super Mario Bros., you have to beat eight worlds (unless you used warp whistles, there are only three of them) in order to find wands in the first seven worlds and save the Princess from Bowser in the last world (gee, you gotta wonder why Bowser is always kidnapping the princess almost every freakin year a game is released 0_0). There was even this one day when my grandmother was showing me her home videos that she made from when me and my brothers were little and this one tape showed my older brother playing Super Mario Bros. 3 and I was watching him, wanting to play really bad and I was 2 years old at the time. Maybe that's why I am such a huge Super Mario fan to this day.


Tetris is the game that I first got along with the current two NES's that I have as of now. The purpose of this game is to clear 1, 2, 3, or even better, 4 lines at a time. There are two game types for Tetris: you can choose either Type A to clear as many lines as you can or Type B to clear only 25 lines. Me and my brothers originally had the Game Boy version of Tetris back when we were little, we never owned the NES version at the time. I originally got Tetris for the NES back in 2004 but unfortunately, the game stopped working for us. On Christmas of 2008, I got another copy of Tetris and as of now, it is still working great.

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda was one of the games that I got on my 15th birthday back in 2005. The purpose of this game is to have Link (I actually have a guinea pig named Link) save Zelda from the evil Ganon. You must go through eight dungeons in order to collect all of the Triforce. Once you have all of the Triforce collected, you go to where Ganon will be waiting. Once you have Ganon defeated and saved Zelda, you have won the game. As of now, my Legend Of Zelda game is still working great other than it keeps resetting my older brother's and my own files which I'm not sure why it started doing that.

Wheel Of Fortune

(I like how they made someone's name as AAAAAAAAA in the image. Who would name their kid that?)

Wheel of Fortune was one of the games that one of my dad's friends gave to me when I got my other two NES's back in 2004. It actually came from a flea market but it works very well. The purpose of this game is very simple, guess a bunch of letters to solve a puzzle and make sure you beat your opponents from making it to the final round. There are many prizes to choose from in the final round (like a deluxe kitchen for example) and if you solve the puzzle correctly, you will win the prize. I actually think that this game is very enjoyable to play because most of the time the computers are so stupid that they keep picking the wrong letter for the puzzle (for example, there was this one time a computer chose a letter "Q" when at the end the puzzle spelled out to be "Mardi Gras". IDIOT!!!!!). This is even better, I noticed that every time I got a bankrupt or a missed turn Vanna White started clapping. I guess she was happy that I lost a turn or lost all of my money.

This concludes my article about my most favorite games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I hope that you liked it and I'll be sure to make another article sometime soon. Bye!
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