Super Mario Bros. Colouring Book

Are those long hours of playing Mario getting boring? Then it’s time to set down the controller and pick up the crayon.
By eep
March 13, 2005

super mario bros. colouring book

Mario’s gold coin value in the smash hit, Super Mario Bros. seemed to be worth a fortune, but here in the good ol’ States, one hundred gold coins is equivalent to nine U.S. cents. Mario wasn’t happy about his arrival to America. He knew his popularity was at its peak and he could do trade shows, but for how long? His next game release wasn’t for another eight months and he had spent all of his proceeds from the first Super Mario Bros.. Mario knew his fate. Mario would be homeless.

Packing his suitcase and checking out of his hotel room for the last time, Mario cried until his elevator reached the lobby. Walking out from the building Mario turned to give one last look at what his life could have been. Suddenly, the hotel's bellhop ran toward Mario with a telephone screaming: “Mario! It’s for you!” It was Golden Book on the line. Golden Book is famous for making has-beens into stars again just by using simple images that could be coloured and adding “fun” activities pages such as mazes and cut-out doorknob messages. Mario agreed to do Golden Book’s offer and returned to his hotel room. From this moment on Mario would never be poor again…ever!

Remember those rainy days as a child when playing the same video game just became a bore? Ever calculate each and every step in a video game to guarantee a win against an opponent but were left feeling as if obsessive compulsive disorder kicked in? Perhaps it is time for a break from video games and a little more time spent on something constructive…with a little help from video games.

Ingrid (my girlfriend), Josiah, Kendra (ingrid's brother and sister) and I were extremely bored one afternoon and weren’t even in the mood to play video games, so there wasn’t any hope for us to do something as a group in the near future. To revive our spirits, I mentioned remembering coming across a website that had old Nintendo products, particularly Nintendo colouring books. We printed twelve pages of the first colouring book. Our day was saved. Thanks Mario!

Besides the first ten pages of this fifty-two page book, it has nothing to do with the game whatsoever. Take a look.

Though, if one were a worthy Nintendo fan this wouldn’t matter in the least.

Here are some of the pages Ingrid, Josiah, Kendra and I had already coloured:

This review had brought back so many memories…good ones! I never really noticed that video games were truly apart of my life growing up. Seeing this colouring book reminded me of the bed sheets I had, the Dixie cup holders, the lunch boxes and other junk I had with Nintendo’s named slapped on them. Keep an eye out for more Nintendo product reviews!

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