My Grandmother(1930-2007)

She was one of my best friends, now she is one for the ages
December 12, 2007
My grandmother, was born on the 6th of January, 1930, in Nantucket, MA. During this time, the depression was in full swing. That winter was very hard for everyone on the island.
Her father, was a man who is famous in the world of Education: Joseph Reed Burgess. They lived on the island until 1934, when they packed up their things and moved to Sturbridge,MA

My grandmother lived here until she graduated high school.

She then attended Skidmore College, in Saratoga,NY, and graduated in 1951. My grandmother, then met my grandfather, Walter Creedon, the smae year. They were married in 1952, and had a son, Greg. My aunt Martha followed in 1953, and finally, in 1958, my father Peter. The marriage was a rocky one, and in 1972, they divorced.

Later in the 70's, she met William Keightley, a navy veteran, who was a lieutenant on the USS Augusta, at D-Day. They married, and then moved to Mattapoisett, where she then became a teacher at New Bedford High. She taught English, and she was beloved by her students, and she helped them out a lot.

After she retired from teaching, in the middle 80s, she moved back to Nantucket after the death of my great grandfather. I was the last grandchild born, and that was 1988. From then on, I was considered her favorite, even though I didn't want to be. The best memory I have, is Christmas 1994. She was making popovers, and one fell on the bottom of the stove. Well, it caught fire, and thus 1994 was nicknamed "The year the house almost burned down." Roast beef, and various other delicious goodies were on the menu for Christmas.
In 2002, Grandpa Bill, was diagnosed with Esophogial Cancer. I remember that year very much. On August 16, he passed away. My grandmother lost one of her best friends. From then on I could tell something was up. She was hospitalized in 2005 three times. Once for chest pains, the next time, was late June, for Gall bladder removal, and finally, for fluid around her heart. 2006, was the quiet year. But, by January 2007, things were not well again. That same month, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

As the months continued, she deteriorated rapidly. Finally, she had to be put in the hospital for the final time. On July 4th, at 9:30 in the morning,she finally passed into the heavens. I guess you could say she went out with a bang, as she was very patriotic, and always seemed to wear a red white and blue sweater on the major holidays. She was buried on the 9th of July, in that sweater, and with her favorite pillow.

As the year continues, I look to her wisdom and guidance, and there isn't a time that I go past her house, that I don't just turn up her street, and park in the driveway, and go inside, make some coffee, and just sit there. As you can tell, I miss her alot, and she touched every member of her family, and her friends.
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