My Top 5 Happy Meal Toys!

A list of my top 5 favorite Happy Meal toys of all time!
August 31, 2011

My earliest memory of Happy Meal toys was in 1990 when I was eight years old. I don't know from who or from where, but my brother and I acquired a bunch of Funny Fry Friends. They were funny looking and had interchangeable headgear.

I remember adding them to our growing array of toys. They joined along side our G.I. Joe's and Ninja Turtles in the battlefield to fight against the bad guys and made awesome unarmed guards protecting the fortress. Little did I know at the time that there were more toys where they came from.

Once I found out about McDonald's Happy Meal, it was "on like Donkey Kong." I had to have the latest toy they were featuring and back at that time, it's as if they were only making all my favorite cartoon characters and movies. Pretty soon there were Goombas joining the bad guys and Frankentyke was helping out around the fortress. Alvin and the Chipmunks! Animaniacs! Batman Forever! Hook! I was in heaven!

Fast forward to today, 2011 and I am now twenty eight years old. Alas, there are no more battlefields and no more fortresses, but I am still crazy about these Happy Meal toys. Many years and even many more boxes and bins later and I am swimming in them.

I may no longer play with them like my brother and I used to, but I still take them out every now and then and reminisce. Happy Meal toys played a huge part of my childhood and even though they don't make them like they used to, they are still the best things around. They say the best things in life are free and they're right! All one needs to do is buy a McDonald's Happy Meal and look inside the box!

And now as my tribute to these tiny treasures, here are my picks for my Top 5 Favorite Happy Meal Toys:

1 - Super Looney Tunes (1991)

Bugs, Petunia, Taz and Daffy change into their super hero alter egos with their snap on costumes! So friggin' cool!
2 - Tiny Toons Wacky Rollers (1992)

The whole Acme Acres gang drive around in true Looney Tunes fashion. The Plucky Duck with Hampton in an exercise wheel is a must-have!

3 - Bobby's World (1993)

Leave it to Bobby's imagination to change an innertube into a submarine or a wagon into a race car.

4 - Chip 'N Dale Rescue Ranger's Gadgetmobiles (1989)

The furry detectives get all Macgyver-y and turn everyday items into their vehicles. The parts are removable and you can make many different gadgetmobiles. The flip spatula is precious!

5 - Muppet Babies (1987)

The Muppet Babies are adorable as usual and busy with their own different type of vehicle. I only wish they made Rowlf!

What are your favorite Happy Meal toys? And thanks for reading!
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