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December 10, 2006

The main idea of Read All About It is to teach kids from Grade 5 and up the fundamentals of reading and writing. Now as an adult I enjoy this show whenever it's on. When I was four I used to sit on the floor of our living room and watch it with my dad. It never really bothered me at all. I miss the days of being a kid with a care free sort of life. One thing that I've never fully understood is why some people were afraid of this show? I found Read All About It to be quite an exciting show. So was its successor Read All About It! Part 2.

The Story Line

The story line revolves around an old coach house in the fictional town of Herbertville. Chris, Lynne, and Sam find that this coach house isn't all that it appears to be. Two robots named Otto and Theta tell a tale of how there's a conspiracy against the town. Earlier before Chris's uncle had just disappeared from the coach house and since then nobody really knew exactly what happened to him?
Chris, Lynne, and Samantha set up their base of operations in the coach house and try to find out what this conspiracy is. It isn't until Mayor Don Edan begins to arouse suspicion. It is this suspicion that leads the kids to Alderon, a planet where things are not what they appear to be, a mad man named Duneedon, who is just a head, and a transporter that first takes Chris and Lynne on a journey to find out what exactly happened to Chris's uncle?


The theme song for Read All About It is short and simple.

Read all about it
discover all the news.
Read all about it
track down all the clues.

With interesting people
there's a mystery to be solved.
An adventure is unfolding
so why not get involved?

Come on and read all about it.

This was followed by a recap of what happened in the last episode of the show.

The Main Characters.

There are three kids in the Read All About It series plus an array of wierd characters. The Cast of RAAI Part 1 consists of:

David Craig Collard.

David played Chris the lead male role. Chris is one of the main characters who puts together a community news paper with his companions Sam and Lynne. Together they solve the mystery of the coach house and what happened to Chris's uncle and exactly what this intergalactic conspiracy is.

Lydia Zajc.

Lydia played Lynne. Lynne is a brilliant young woman who discovers more about the coach house and all of the intergalactic conspiracy.

Stacey Arnold

Stacey plays Samantha. Samantha is sort of a nerdy type. Into books and reading and she also writes her own book about Herbertville at the end.

Michael Dwyer

Michael was introduced in RAAI Part 2 as Alex the new kid. He helps Chris and Lynne by solving a cross word puzzle on the bulletin board of the coach house. Sam picked on Alex a lot mostly because she was angry that her father took a job and had to move away from Herbertville.

Sean Hewit

Sean played Duneedon the archvillan in the Read All About It! series. Duneedon disguises himself on earth as Mayor Don Edan. He then transported Chris's uncle Derick to Alderon and the Game World.

Planet Alderon

The planet Alderon is certainly a mess. Chris and Sam find themselves transported to a game world where they have to solve clues in order to go on to the next level. In the end Uncle Derick and the kids defeat the game world and are transported back to earth. The only way for Derick and the kids to assure that Duneedon never returns to Earth is to disable the transporter so that he can't transport from Alderon to earth. But when Trialviron is threatened with obliteration the children have no choice but to reactivate the transporter to allow people to flee to Alderon. But a king named Tritan will not allow the people of Trialveron pass through his domain. It is with some encouragement from Chris and Alex that King Tritan agrees to let the people of Trialveron pass. But Duneedon has other plans that include returning to Earth so he sends a dummy head to Alderon while he transports Lynne to the doomed Trialveron. He leaves the kids on the planet Trialveron while he returns to Earth but King Tritan gets wind of Duneedon's plans and sends him hurling into oblivion with his parting words: "He who laughs last dies first." Alex theorizes that King Tritan didn't like being tricked.

James Irving (Photo Not Available)

Chris's uncle Derick is a scientist who discovers the conspiracy theory against the earth and vows to defeat Duneedon and make sure that he never is allowed to transport back to earth. Uncle Derick is transported to the Game World. It is Chris's uncle who records a message on Thetta and warns of the bizzare conspiracy plot against the Earth and that Chris and his friends must avoid the coach house at all costs.

Kay Hawfrey (Photo Not Available)

Dr Crystal Couplet is the Rhyming woman who uses her marvelous transporter machine to zap Chris and Lynne back to earth. But when Trialveron is threatened disasterous consquences follow the trio of Alex, Chris and Lynne when they discover that they've been tricked into reactivating the transporter so that Duneedon can escape and wreak havoc on Earth.

Why do I like Read All About It!?

When I was a child of about 4 years old I had nothing but fun watching this show. I think it was the fact that I was learning something because of it. Now that I'm an adult it's still a guilty little pleasure to me. One that I want to see passed on to the next generation. It's fun but it's educational too and the best part is the kids don't even know that they're learning the fundamentals of reading and writing while they're watching it.
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