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November 05, 2007
hey. its me again. that guy you might recognize from previous articles such as sonic the hedgehog and my top 10 favorite movies(not to mention my only 2 articles) its (drum roll please.)DAVIDYCK!!!!

That’s enough of that. I have returned from my previous articles to try and write another article. this time around I have decided to write on sleepwalking, a subject that I am very familiarized with.

in the 16 years of my life, I have traveled from place to place, collecting tidbits of stories of people who have sleepwalked or have known somebody who has. I, also, have had my fair share of sleepwalking escapades, and today it is for your entertainment that I tell them to you. I know many of you may be wishing to get out of this article already, telling yourself that this Davidyck is incapable of writing anything worth reading, but let me advise you to continue reading, I worked hard on this, the least you can do is read it.

to start things off, I think ill start with the very 1st sleepwalking I ever did. one day as a kid 6 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and for some very strange reason, I told myself that I wanted to go rob mcDonalds of all its happy meals.


I don’t know why I wanted to do this. maybe it was the fact that I was completely obsessed with these toys as a kid, but I could never get too many, what with Ronald Mcdonald scaring me away every time I came near Mcdonalds


im pretty sure many of us here on retrojunk have had frightening stories to tell about this creepy clown. I still get shudders when glancing at him.

so anyway, you get the idea. well, one night with all the anger brewing up in me about never being able to get a Mcdonalds toy, I woke up in the night and told myself I was going to go rob the place. and thus, I went off on my quest to go and claim what was mine(in my eyes).
the whole night I sweated and toiled on my way to go to Mcdonalds. I was walking across busy highways (although it was night, so they weren’t all that busy,) and quiet pastures.


I was having good luck so far, but my luck ran out when morning arrived. I was only about halfway there, when a truck driver came along the side of the road and told me to get in the seat. I was scared half to death of him and his huge rig, but at the moment I was starting to wake up, and I had no intention of continuing with the thievery of Mcdonalds, so I got in.

when I got home, I saw my parents had called the police and half the town was looking for me. there were hugs exchanged and tears shed, and I had a huge lecture about eating fast food in the night, but by lunch, everybody had forgotten about the incident.

everybody, that is, but me. this experience changed my childhood ever. for the next 6 years of my childhood life I became a dirty, filthy robbing sleepwalking nightmare. although I never really did any damage in my sleepwalking, I know people who have seen me sleepwalking will never forget it.

well, lets proceed.

many people after this event thought it would never happen again. I thought so too. but when life got too difficult, I found my self sleepwalking in the night. I never had any control over myself when this happened. I guess my predicament is a bit like Stanley ipkiss's on the 1994 flick the mask.


for those who have never seen this movie, it is about a loser who suddenly finds a mysterious mask. he finds that whenever he puts this mask on in the night, he turns into a green wacko who runs amuck all over town doing all the things that Stanley always wanted to do but never had the guts to do.
so, in many ways this was also my case. I was a loser by day, but by night I ran amuck all over town doing things I never had the bravery to do in real life. in all my sleepwalking escapades I was completely aware I was doing this, but I had no control over this. this same predicament occurs on the mask.

so anyway, I think I better progress on these stories. so here, I got another one.

the very next sleepwalking episode I had after the previous one was brief, but worth telling. during the day I had gotten very angry for some reason, and I had lots of trouble going to sleep when night came.
then in the night I woke up and went to my parents bedroom. and being the horrible kid that I was I threatened them all with an imaginary ax( I was a horrible kid, was’ent I)?

I guess this same predicament also occurs in the horror flick the shining.


it s a good thing that I did not actually have an ax or I would have been a kid on the run from the FBI.
when I woke up in the morning I was completely unaware of this event, and I would have never known had it not been for my parents telling me. I was as shocked as they were, but in the far end of my mind I was thrilled. I never thought I would do something like this.

I know some retrojunk members probably want me kicked off retrojunk now that they know I was such a criminal as a child, but keep in mind that these events were completely out of my control, although I did enjoy them. every kids dream is to do things they would never do in real life, so I was pretty thrilled.

lets move on, shall we?

after that incident I sleepwalked quite frequently. every morning Id wake up and hear from my parents about some new thing I had done in the night. it was amazing.

one year my family decided to go on vacation. so after a day of traveling we stopped off at one of our relatives place. we had a pleasant evening, but a not-so-pleasant night. I found out in the morning I had sleepwalked into my uncle and aunts room and scared them.

that vacation proved to be disastrous. at the 1st motel we stopped at I woke up in the night and went to the managers office and did some things I have forgotten, and at another of our relatives I tried destroying the house.

wow, I never thought I would stoop this low.

I stopped sleepwalking when I was 13, and im 16 now, so I guess I’ve been sleepwalk free for 3 years now.

those are about the only sleepwalking stories I remember. I know there are plenty more, and some members are desperate to hear them, but I cant remember them, so sorry. maybe one day I will write another article about sleepwalking, and you will probably hear them then.

so until next time, this is davidyck, talking to you about his many sleepwalking experiences, out.


P.S you may think these stories are false, but I assure you that they are all true. so see ya.
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