My Favorite Villains: Issue 1

A look into the Sandersons from the movie Hocus Pocus!
September 20, 2010
Greetings everyone!, It is I, somedude V3, back after a hiatus to restart on Article making. However, I'm not gonna be doing video game, reviews, I thought they need a break. No, see, I'm doin' something different. Villains. What can I say that hasn't been said? They're evil. They're power hungry. They have cool fashion. And I;m a fan of em. And since there's so many, that's where this idea for this Article came from. In future issues, I will choose, and inspect that issues' Villain or Villains. Well, I'm ready to get this party started, so let's go! Since October is right around the bend, I thought I should start the series with this issue all about those Sanderson sisters from the Disney Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus!

The Sanderson Sisters

Base Of Operations:Salem, Massachusetts.

Who are they?
They were three witches who were hellbent on staying young forever. The catch? They had to suck the lives out of all the children in Salem. However in 1693, they were captured and sentenced to be hung. Before they were hung, the head witch, Winifred's spell book opened and revealed a curse that they would come back if a virgin lights the Black Flame candle. But come on, who believes in curses? Max Denezin should have. Because, believing it's all just a joke, he goes into their house and lights the Black Flame candle, thus bringing the Sandersons back from the dead. But with the help of his sister Dani, his Girlfriend Allison, Thackery Binx, a Human the sisters turned into a cat and cursed to live forever, and The Sun, the sisters turned to stone and exploded, freeing Thackery, and saving Salem.

Their Personal Bio.
Well, now you know who they are, but who are they individually? Let's find out!

Winifred Sanderson

Bette Midler

Posistion: Leader.
Loves: Her spell book & potions.
Hates Practically everything else, especially her sisters.
Age: How rude! You never ask a woman her age.
Hair: As red and bright as Hellfire.
AKA: Winnie
Danger Level: High (take extreme caution when she's near)

It's not easy being the boss. Just ask Winifred, who has to deal with her two moronic sisters. She's self-centered, sarcastic and short tempered. But she's the smartest of the three, and along with her most valuable possession, her spell book, she reigns supreme. Truthfully, she would be happy if she was the only one alive, so she wouldn't have to share the immortality. Oh, and don't tell her to go to Hell, cause she's been there. And you know what? She enjoyed it.

My Thoughts Fantastic. When I was younger, I was afraid of her cause she reminded me of a teacher I didn't like. She didn't have red hair, but she sure had the same attitude. She always gave me detentions for the dumbest things. So it's obvious why I didn't like her. But throughout the years, I've grown to find her awesome. And it makes me glad that I actually have a smart sister and brother.
Mary Sanderson

Kathy Najimy

Position: Compared to her sister Sara, she's obviously the second in charge.
Loves: Her broom & T.V.
Hates: Getting on Winifred's bad side.
Age: Again with the rudeness!
Hair: As black as night.
Power: Can sense nearby children.
Danger Level: Normal (Not a serious threat, but should still be careful)

In terms of intelligence ,when compared to Winifred, she's a 3, but compared to Sara, she's 100. Just because she's not as smart as Winnie, that doesn't make Mary a dummy. She can do something her sisters can't, she can sense children that are nearby, thus making her a valuable asset. Whenever she gets the chance, she sucks up to Winnie, obviously trying to stay on her good side. Luckly, she's not as dangerous because she can be fooled easily.

My Thoughts I love her! Out of the three, she's my favorite. She just hilarious. Sure she's evil, but she's funny evil. Like the scene with her & the T.V. Just plain comedy. I feel bad for her when she gets smacked by Winifred, cause she tries her best.

Sara Sanderson

Sarah Jessica Parker

Position: If she didn't have her power, Winnie would probably make her watch the brooms.
Loves: Her lucky rat tail, guys, spiders, busses, singing.
Hates salt, angels, the sun, getting smacked by Winifred.
Age: MUCH older then she looks.
Hair: As bright and almost as white as snow, with some blonde.
Power: She can trance children with her voice, and make them come.
Danger Level: Ha, ha ha!

When it comes to brains, Sara's got a teaspoon full. She's the dumbest one in the group, and a constant pain in Winnifred's side. She's incompetent, naive, immature and boy crazy. Thankfully for her, what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for with her power. She has a beautiful singing voice that can trance children and make them go to her. However, like I said before, if she didn't have that power, she'd probably be the broom guard. But if there's one thing she's got going for her, it's her looks. Ow!

My Thoughts Hubba, hubba! When I first saw this, I thought she was pretty and goofy. But as I got older, I came up with a better view: She's burning hot, but crazy like a fox. And she obviously wouldn't be a good girlfriend. Because she bounces from one guy to another like a pinball machine.

Final Thoughts:
If you grew up in the mid 90's, you know that this was a tradition on Disney. Every year around, or on Halloween itself, they would play this movie. And I enjoyed all of it, but I always loved the scenes with the Sandersons. They were so hilarious, yet evil. My favorite scene was when Winifred was through explaining what the plan is, and she asked them if they understood. Mary immediatley started saying what a great plan it is, and then Sara says "Understand what?". When it cuts back to Winnie, the look on her face always made me laugh. Cause you know what she's thinking, "What a dumbass." Seriously though, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy did a stupendous job in the movie. But big ups goes to Bette, she rocked the house with her version of "I'll put a spell on you"!

Well, that's all for this issue, I hope you enjoyed it. Check back soon as I inspect more scourges of the underworld. Till next time!

-somedude V3
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