Street Fighter II

A brief history of the Street Fighter II series
December 17, 2010

For my first article I have chosen to do a piece on the smash hit Street Fighter II, and its many reincarnations. You will learn all about the single most important fighting game series of all time. Street fighter II is one of my favorite, if not favorite Video game franchises of all time. Let us begin.

Street fighter II is a sequel to capcom's Street Fighter released in 1987. Street fighter II was released in arcades in 1991. Street fighter II is responsible for starting the fighting game craze of the 1990's. You could also say it kind of revived the arcade scene in the 90's. It featured a roster of 8 playable characters(Ken,Ryu,Guile,Chun-Li,Zangief,E.Honda,Blanka and Dhalsim) and 4 bosses(Balrog,Vega,Sagat and M.Bison). Each character comes with a different fighting style, their own unique special attacks and their own story line, which were all huge draws. It's unique style and crisp gameplay helped it become a huge success. A year later in 1992, Street Fighter II was released on the super nintendo entertainment system. This home port of the game became capcoms best selling game as of 2008, selling 6.3 million units.

Street Fighter II' champion edition was released in april of 1992. It was the first of many slightly tweaked versions of the original SF2. In this version, the four boss characters now become playable, thus enhancing the roster to 12 playable characters. New color schemes for each character were added so two players could face off using the same character. Capcom released Street fighter II special champion edition on the sega genesis during the same year. On the sega version you were now able to adjust the speed of the game for "hyper fighting".

In 1993 capcom released yet another version of street fighter II for the Super Nintendo. This version is called Street Fighter II turbo: Hyper fighting. Not much was changed in this version. Turbo mode on the game allows you to adjust the speed of the gameplay, which you couldn't do in the previous Super Nintendo version. There is also normal mode which is basically just the arcade version of champion edition. This version is a fan favorite among many veteren Street Fighter players. I really love the box art on this game.

In august of 1994, capcom released another version of the game called Super Street Fighter II the new challengers on Super Nintendo,sega genesis and mega drive. In this version there was much improvement on all aspects of the game. The biggest improvement would have to be the addition of four new playable characters(Cammy,Fei Long,Dee Jay and T.Hawk), expanding the roster from 12 characters to 16. Along with four new characters came four awesome new levels to play. The graphics were slightly touched up including newly done character avatars. All the sounds and music were redone also.There is also a new tournament mode where you and your pals can have an eight player tournament. all in all I would have to say this is street fighter II at its best.

Well I guess thats it for now. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I'd love some honest feedback so let me know what you think.
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