What about us Girls?

some of the fun girl toys i remember from my past
October 10, 2008

So I've been reading some articles and have noticed a theme when it comes to discussing old toys from our years past- they are written mainly by guys- thus discussing mostly boy toys. HEY- what about us girls- we had some alright toys too!?! Didn't we?

For my sanity I am going to discuss some of the 'what I thought was cool' toys from when i was little. Yeah, I had the normal girl stuff like Barbie, My Little Ponies, Rainbow Bright, Care Bears, etc- but I also had some other toys that I must say are hard to find on the internet. I am actually going to have to use some pics from when I was little- don't laugh too hard- remember- this was a while ago!

So first things first- The Ice Cream Doll

I know I'm only like 2 in these pics- I don't know what happened to her but I have fond memories- I'm sure she got disgusting or something and I had to throw her away. She was this huge doll, obviously bigger than I was for a while, that I used to play with all the time. I would love to have one of these dolls again. I've been trying to find them on the internet, but no luck. I don't think they are really called ice cream dolls.

Cabbage Patch Dolls- yep- had like 3
Well- these are not pictures of MY actual cabbage patch kids, but pretty darn close. My first one was bald with green eyes- her name was Jocelyn. She kind of looked like this one...

The next doll I got had red hair and green eyes- her name was Paula. She looked similar to this one except she wore a pink jump suit and had a tooth.

I used to take these dolls everywhere. I even tried taking them to school in like second grade. Yeah- had to put them in my locker and couldn't play with them. It's not my fault no one else brought their dolls to school.

My Buddy and Kid Sister- had both of these

These dolls were cool- way bigger than cabbage patch dolls and could fit in real baby clothes. My dad was too cheap to buy doll clothes all the time so we would improvise with my nephew baby clothes sometimes. I loved these dolls- except for their hair color. My parents and grandparents were really good about getting us dolls that looked us- they failed miserably this time. I don't have blonde hair- what were they thinking? I am guessing they didn't come with red hair- or they resembled this creepy killer doll- what was his name- oh yeah- chucky- j/k- my sisters hated my buddy because of that movie.
Well- My Buddy, Kid Sister, and the rest of my cabbage patch dolls lives tragically came to an end when I was like 14- I know- I'm a loser- I kept them that long. Well these two evil things came along- my nephew- 9 yrs younger than me- and my niece- 12 yrs younger- kind of sort of ripped off limbs and cut their hair and drew on them- bastards.
Since this is getting so long I am going to combine the next two sets of toys

The Barbie 'type' doll
I had lots of Barbies- but I also had some other neat dolls. I had the original Jem doll and one of the Misfits- don't know their names and too lazy to look it up- I'm sure someone will point that out. Anyways- these dolls were cool because they had awesome clothes and came with a stand for the dolls and a cassette tape that had the theme song from the cartoon! Yeah! Rockin' tunes- anyways- the major downfall with these were that they were bigger than Barbie so her clothes could not fit on the Jem dolls and vice versa.

After the Jem dolls they came out with these metallic pink and blue dolls- these were the only two I had. They were cool- I thought they were like space Barbies- plus they had pink and blue hair and could fit into all of the Barbie and Ken clothes.

I also had one more not Barbie toy- I had a Maxie horse. I don't really remember Maxie being big- but hey-my dolls had a horse so there.

I also had the purple Maxie Mercedes- but don't have the pic of that.

So the last toys I am going to discuss are the cool outdoor toys that I had. These are both boy and girl toys and I am sure most of you had the same types of things. First- the big wheel- I had a rockin' smurf big wheel with a big ol' smurf head on the front.

It was great- again there is always something wrong with the damn things- eventually we lost the seat back- oh well- who didn't- and my front wheel was flat on one side from breaking and sliding- you guys know what I'm talking about. Finally the last thing I am going to discuss is the Roller Racer-

flippin sweet ride- gave me my first nose bleed from riding it wrong. Instead of sitting on my butt with my feet on the handle bars I liked to use it as a scooter. I flipped over it and hit my nose- bastard. Anyways- these things were awesome to take down small hills and see what kind of speed you could get.

Now that I have either bored you to tears or made you think- oh yeah- that damn front tire on the big wheel always wore flat on one side- making it hard to pedal.

I hope you enjoyed it and continue to have fond memories of your old toys!

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