Ode to a 90's Child

A poem about the 90s
June 25, 2009
The 90's came and went
From "Ice Ice Baby" to " Too Legit to quit"

Where art thou Polly Pocket
Or the seldom mentioned dog on Fraggle Rock..What was his name? Oh yea..Sprocket

How come I don't receive a Weekly Reader anymore?
Can I still participate in the Book It! program at Pizza Hut even though I am 24?

What happened to all the arcades?
Is it considered cool that I still want a pair of Bret Hart's shades?

I miss Reading Rainbow and the phrase " But dont take my word for it"
Without Mousercise in the morning there is no way I can stay fit

Where did all of surfer dudes go?
I still proudly display my Stussy t-shirt and say things like " Whoa"

I got my pogs still and I am ready to play
What is that you say? It was just a fad and it faded away?

How come my beanie babies are not worth squat?
And the value of all my baseball cards have been shot?
Are there any shoes out there still that have lights or pumps?
Those kids from Valley High were a bunch of chumps

Is it lame that I would still like to visit the school store?
Or childish that I find making my bed is still a chore?

Your X Men Metal cards must be worth hundreds by now
But if not take Bart's advice and dont have a cow

This era had its share of blips
Such as Crystal Pepsi and Frosted Tips

We all remember that douchehound that posed as a skater
And that awesome wrestler by the name of Big Van Vader

But let these be known as the 'Days of Yore
So show some respect and do the weasel in honor of Pauly Shore

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