Top 20 Ed Edd n Eddy Episodes

My top 20 Ed Edd n Eddy episodes.
March 28, 2012
Ed Edd n Eddy came out in the 1998/1999 schedule on Cartoon Network. It follows 3 boys with similar names: Ed, the tall goofy one, Edd, the obsessive-compulsive smart one, and Eddy, the short scheming one. Their goal is to not only try to fit in with the other kids and misfits, but to also collect money to buy jawbreakers that are depicted in the show as the size of basketballs.

The show itself is freakin' hilarious. Here's my list of top 20 episodes. Why 20? Because there's so many to choose from, and 20 seems to be enough for that sort of list. And this list was tough to make!

20. May I Have This Ed? (Season 5)

The first 4 seasons of this show are funny, but season 5 kinda sucks compared to the last 4 despite better animation. This episode is about the Eds getting ready for the prom, but Edd is too nervous because he has to ask a girl to dance with him. Eddy tries to help his pal using his brother's book.

I kinda like the Edd x Nazz relationship, which is explored in this episode as well as several others.

19. Vert-Ed-Go (Season 1)

The Eds are inspired to build a clubhouse after seeing an advertisement. Hilarity ensues when they built it. Ed keeps falling off the base, and at one point, he wears his helmet tied to his butt, which is without a doubt the funniest part of the episode.

18. Rent-A-Ed (Season 2)

After a failed circus act, the Eds decide to run a repair service, but Ed keeps destroying stuff, and at one point, destroys the heat radiator at Jonny's house, which gives Eddy another idea: the Chez La Sweat spa.

The humor is driven by Ed, as usual. If he can make you laugh, he'll make you laugh.

17. Once Upon An Ed (Season 3)

As Jonny and Plank get ready for bed, the Eds show up stuck in his wall and tell him their version of how they ended up there.

This is a really funny episode. Eddy's story is exaggerated and hilarious, Edd's has razor-sharp wit, and Ed's is weird and wacky. I especially love the last one.

16. It Came from Outer Ed (Season 3)

Ed decides to come up with his own scam, which involves gathering a bunch of rocks, Eddy painted as a zombie version of the Cat in the Hat, Q's marking the spots instead of X's, and other strange, funny stuff in order to summon Evil Tim.

You'll pee yourself laughing watching this episode.

15. Dueling Eds (Season 3)

Eddy inadvertently hurts Rolf's pride after missing a knothole in the fence throwing a sea cucumber ball. Eddy tries to apologize at the behest of Edd, but it doesn't work, and Rolf challenges him to a duel.

Let me sum this episode up in one sentence: "COOKIE DOUGH! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!"

14. Will Work For Ed (Season 3)

Rolf is looking for someone to help him on the farm. Ed is enlisted to work, but Rolf is a bit strict as he'll be deducting payment, mch to Eddy's dismay.

This is a pretty funny episode, especially the part where Ed tries to drive his parents' car:

13. An Ed in the Bush (Season 3)

When the Urban Rangers go hiking in the woods, Eddy decides to spook them. And, that's it. Another funny episode, which I'll sum up in another sentence: "BELLY-BUTTON EATER!!!"

12. Dawn of the Eds (Season 1)

Ed wants to see "Robot Rebel Ranch", but there's one problem: it's for adults only, much to his dismay. So, while the Eds plan on how to get into the movie theatre to see it, they end up in the junkyard and pretend to be space outlaws, but their imagination gets the best of them.

This is a classic! You must see this one!

11. Here's Mud In Your Ed (Season 4)

A fan named Kit Topp provided inspiration for this episode, and was credited for it. Jimmy is having a bad day, and Eddy tricks him to add insult to injury. An inconsolable Jimmy turns to Rolf (the guardian pigeon) for help. Together, they trick Eddy into growing a "money tree".

Thank you, Kit, for inspiring Danny Antonucci and the others into making this episode. That's all I have to say.

10. Dim Lit Ed (Season 3)

Edd is tired of how dull everyone around him was, so he tries to educate them. Hilarity ensues. This episode was made in honor of Shawn "Wilfred" Godin.

Another funny episode, that's all there is to it.

9. Rock-A-Bye Ed (Season 3)

Ed has a nightmare about Jonny, and every time he sees Jonny, he freaks out. Edd and Eddy try to help him cope with the after effects.

This is another funny episode, but I won't spoil the ending for you, so you must see it to find out what happens.

8. Eds-aggerate (Season 1)

While working on an amusement park, Ed flings the chair Eddy was in too hard and it hits Kevin's window. Eddy makes up an elaborate lie that the "Mucky Boys" did this, which leads to the kids going on a snipe hunt.

This episode is very funny, especially the parts where Edd is interrupted by Ed or Eddy.

7. Ed... Pass It On (Season 3)

After a failed restaurant scam, Eddy laments that if his brother was here, it would've worked. Then, he comes up with a fib that his brother is coming back home, making the kids respect him.

The funniest part of this episode was Ed as a roast turkey. It's just so disgusting and yet so hilarious.

6. Shoo Ed (Season 2)

Jonny can't stop annoying Kevin, so Eddy turns Jonny into a bigger pest so that he'll be paid to get rid of him.

This is very funny episode, too. Everything Jonny does when he bothers people makes me laugh.

5. See No Ed (Season 3)

The Eds are nowhere to be seen, and the kids celebrate, but when they find a monkey mask and a rubber glove with cotton balls glued to it, they get suspicious and try to find the trio. The kids stumble across Chimp Wurld, a theme park revolving around monkeys and bananas, but it quickly becomes a nightmare.

For an episode that doesn't focus much on any of the Eds, it's pretty good.

4. The Day The Ed Stood Still (Season 3)

Ed's love of pretending to be monsters makes Edd and Eddy hatch an idea: making a monster costume for Ed, giving him the identity of Edzilla. Because of this, Edzilla destroys everything in sight, and goes after the kids one-by-one.

The suspense building up to what Edzilla looks like is great, because at first you just see tentacles. There's also another hint of Edd x Nazz.

3. X Marks the Ed (Season 3)

Eddy has a zit that he's desperately trying to get rid of, and Jonny reveals this to the kids. Eddy is overwhelmed, which makes his zit bigger and bigger. After Edd chews out the kids, Rolf comes back to help Eddy with his problem.

This, along with the episode above, is another shining example of Edd putting his foot down. The ending is also very funny. I can't spoil that one, either; it's too funny.

2. 1 + 1 = Ed (Season 2)

Curiosity leads the Eds into a strange alternate dimension with flat trees, edible suns, removable outlines, cows that crow like roosters, floating chairs, jigsaw puzzle walls, a 3-headed Rolf, and a chicken pecking on a giant hot dog.

This is the weirdest and funniest episode in the series. Funniest, however, second only to...

1. An Ed is Born (Season 3)

Eddy is tired of being a "baby brother", so he makes a home movie to show his brother how great he is. Hilarity ensues: fake moustaches, money trash bags, Ed eating the camera at one point (funniest scene in the series!), and a running gag involving Rolf's chickens being abducted by Ed.

This is the funniest episode in the entire series. I even wrote a synopsis of it on this site!

Thanks for reading!
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