Favorite Places of my Youth

My favorite places to go as a kid.
May 08, 2009
Hi everone its Jake again. I decided to make another article about some of my favorite places to go as a kid. The pictures in my article I took myself and are the real places.

First is Long John Silvers. I loved eating there as a kid it wasnt like todays Long John Silvers it was different back then I remember going there and the floors were wooden there were ocean paintings life preservers on the wall and the seats were a big blue coushions. I really felt like I was by the sea. I also remember going through the drive through and getting the kids treasure chest or what ever there kids meals were called. I recently drove by there and it has been empty for a while and its up for sale. I looked in the windows and the blue seats are still there and I remembered all the good times I had there

Next is the old Walmart. I liked going there is was one of my favorite stores. I remember everytime we went there I had to get a Happy Meal from Mcdonalds in the front of the store. I always had to go to the Hotwheel isle. I got to pick out one car only it was such a hard choice so many to choose from. I loved looking at all there bikes. I got a Mongoose bike from there on my 10th birthday. I can remember me and my family staying there for hours and into the night just looking around. now it is empty and for sale.

Next is the Old County Buffet. This was my all time favorite resturant. I remember ever weekend me and my family would go there. I loved there french fires they were my favorite thing to eat there. I would get a huge plate of french fries and for dessert a soft serve Vanilla ice cream in a sugar cone. (If you look on the door in the picture you can still see where it says Old Country Buffet) I was there a couple months ago and It has been old country buffet in a while then someone bought it and turned it into a chinese buffet. I dont see it open anymore the chinese buffet shut down and now it just sits empty.

Next is Little Professors was my favorite book store. I loved going there cause they were the only store that sold the Eye Witness book series. I remember going there and looking all around at all the books and looking for the exact Eyewitness book I wanted but I never found the one I really wanted LOL. I remember when I found out that they closed and I never could find those books anymore. They now turned it into a Sprint phone store

Next is my Aunts house. I grew up in this house I loved the huge back yard for me to play in. I used to go over there every summer and every Friday night and stay the weekend. I remember playing in the huge back yard kicking my soccer ball, riding my bike through the yard, sledding down the hill in winter, and riding my skateboard down the driveway. I also remember all the Christmases there and being in my room playing the original Playstation. My room was my favorite place. I had all my toys in my closet and in toy box. I had my own room with my bunk bed. I remember reading all my books on my bunk bed on the top bunk all night. I also remember in the mornings breakfast was Waffle Crisp or Oreos Cereal and on weekends my aunt would cook chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.
I remember when my cousin came over my aunt had walnut trees in her back yard and when my cousin came to play we would have a walnut war throwing walnuts at eachother. I will always have the memories growing up in that house. I was recently there and someone else moved in not long ago.

Next is the school yard. I rarley got to go here but it was fun to play here. I literly had to bag my aunt to take me there. I loved to swing on the swings that was my favorite thing to do there it was only 3 mintues from my aunts house. It is still there and some of the play equipment is gone and some is still there.

Next is the First Choice Video. I loved this store whenever the family needed videos they sent me and my aunt here. I remember always looking at the video games and asking her if I could get one but she always said no. I remember in front of the store they had VHS movies and cartoons for only $5.00 each. I drove there earlier in the year and it is now a fitness center.

Next is the Shell gas station and Mcdonald's. I remember my aunt going up there through the drive through and getting everyone breakfast. I remember before she left and asking everyone what they wanted. I always got the Hotcake Breakfast. The Shell and Mcdonald's is still there to this day.

Next is the Mcdonald's Play Place I loved playing there it had so many tubes and slides. I remember always trying to climb up the slide and falling back down. (this Mcdonald's is right next to the Long John Silvers I told you about eariler in the article)

Last is Youngs Jersey Dairy I loved going here as a family they have a petting zoo golf course and a resturant. I always rememeber when we alaways went into the gift shop at the end of the day and got Cats Meow Figures. I loved getting those everytime we went there and soon the they were all over the house. I remember my favorite memory there was getting Strawberry ice cream in a cake cone and going and eating in on the tractor. The farm is still there to this day sadley they dont sell alot of Cats Meow like they used to.

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