Collecting Ghostbusters Toys

A trip down memory lane, compliments of Kenner Toys
July 01, 2009
With the new release of the Ghostbusters game, I decided to take a trip down Memory Lane and pull out my box of Ghostbusters toys from the basement... I had no idea how much of a GB nerd I really was!

It all started in '90, I received the "Garbageman" figure, which part of a series of figures that were average humans that transformed into monsters. This particular figure transformed into a big fly thing. I loved that figure.
It sort of went on from there... I didn't get in on the Ghostbuster franchise till when the second movie came out. By then, they were no longer just simple action figures like the first series... The Ghostbusters came with all sorts of neat things. Diving suits, weird helicopter devices that also trapped ghosts, slimable figures that changed colors when dipped in cold water. Looking back, you realize that most all of them used the same plastics mold, but each figure was so different, you didn't even notice.

Getting in on this so late in the game, the only way I could get the old figures was by scouring the flea markets and garage sales (eBay for the 1990s :P) Most of my figures are sadly second-hand, and are missing most of the accessories. But anyway, I present to you photos from my collection. I hope it brings up memories for you as it did for me.

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