Pizza Planet Truck!

This truck is seen in just about every Pixar film
November 05, 2009
Pixar has been famous for being the first to make a CGI film, make fake and funny bloopers, and lets not forget 'Easter Eggs'!

The most common Easter egg that Pixar have ever done, is the Pizza Planet Truck.

and it all began with 'Toy Story'


Toy Story

The famous scene at the Dinoco station where Buzz is fighting Woody about him being thrown out the window, and Woody is fighting Buzz because he is jealous that he is Andy's new favorite toy. After they were fighting, Woody finds himself lost at the station, while Buzz is with him still being deluded. As Woody is trying to work out how to get back, he remembers that Andy was going to Pizza Planet, and he sees a Pizza Planet truck right next to him and with his quick thinking, he gets both him and Buzz into the car.

Pizza Planet here they come!

A Bug's Life

The 'A Bug's Life' Easter egg made people laugh when they first saw it.

The scene where Flik is almost at the Bug City, you can see next to the van, is the Pizza Planet truck right there.

This is the first Pizza Planet truck Easter egg by Pixar and it's second appearance in a Pixar feature film.

Toy Story 2

"Pizza anyone?" is the first thing Mr. Potato-Head said when he notices a car parked right next to all the toys, with the engine still running. IT'S THE PIZZA PLANET TRUCK!

All the toys hop in the truck and try there best to drive it so they can rescue there old pal Woody.

Monsters Inc

In Monsters Inc, the Pizza Planet Easter egg was around 90% the same as it was in 'A bug's life'.

Just after Sulley trows that jerk Randall into a random door, they show a clip of where Randall ended up, and it is in the same van right next to the Bug City from 'A Bug's Life', only this time it's night and you can hear who's in the van.

Finding Nemo
In Finding Nemo, at the scene where Gill is explaining to Nemo his plan to get him and everyone else out of that tormenting tank, you can see for less then a second on the road, the Pizza Planet truck rushes by.

It was obvious by now that once a Pixar film was released, the legendary Pizza Planet truck will follow!


We all knew that it had to be in this film, because the title is called Cars, the movie is about Cars, and it just seems stupid not to have it.

Just before the Piston Cup Final FINALS begins, you can see near the camera stand, is the Pizza Planet truck named Todd.


The scene where Remy is trying to get the letter to linguini as quick as he can before skinner grabs it off him. But if you look really well in the background, you can see the Pizza Planet truck on the bridge (or is believed to be the Pizza Planet truck).


This Easter egg shocked me when I first saw it, because I didn't see it at first!

The scene when EVE is on Earth scanning for life, one of the things you see her scan is the Pizza Planet truck looking worse then ever!


I haven't seen 'UP' yet, but thanks to the Internet, I now know where to find that little bugger (giggles).

Near the end of the film, you can start to see the camera shot is starting to zoom down, and on the upper right, is the Pizza Planet truck parked.

And there you have it folks!

I hope you enjoyed it, but whats still to say about 'The Incredibles' you ask?

So far that is the only Pixar movie that hasn't been proven to have seen the Pizza Planet truck anywhere.

But I'm sure it's there somewhere.

And what about Toy Story 3?

Well, since it's another Toy Story film, I strongly say it would be in there someone, if not, then I don't know what they were thing?
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