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My first artical. Its about old Nick cartoons.
January 24, 2007
Hi, this is my first artical. It is about old Nick cartoons. I know there are a lot of articals like this. Anyway, These shows are in no special order, but i think all of them should be shown on Nick during the day and not at ungodly hours like 5 in the morning.

1. Rugrats

I think Rugrats was one of the best cartoons ever! The babys journey took off in 1991. Tommy(the leader), Chuckie(the scardy cat), and Phil and Lil (twins) would always set off on different adventures. Then theres Angelica, Tommys 3-4 year old cousin.(there was an episode where she turned 4) Tommy would always carry around his toy screwdriver everywhere he went, no matter what. He would keep it in his diaper. Almost all the time, Tommy would lead the group on dangerous journeys of imagination. Chuckie would try to get out of some of the adventures, but always ended up going anyway. Phil and Lil would get easily distracted by 'tasty' bugs. Angelica would carry around her Cynthia doll and protect her no matter the cost. Angelica could also get her hands on a cookie, no matter what.
The Rugrats hit a bump when Tommy got a new baby brother named Dil in 1998. and another one when Chuckie got a new sister named Kimi when the bunch went to Paris in 2000. But when Nick tried to do All Grown Up, it was downhill from there. Nickelodeon, what were you thinking?

2. The Angry Beavers

The Angry Beavers took off in 1997. It starred two beavers: Norbert (the smart one) and his brother Daggit (the dumb one). They are living on there own out in the middle of a lake. They have to deal with society, stinky toe, giant cockroaches, and many more. They would satisfy their thirst with a Ya-hoo drink. (it was like the only thing they drank) The Angry Beavers unfortunatley ended in 2001.

3. Ren and Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy started in 1991 and ran for 5 years. It was about a cat and a dog living together. The show ran for so little time because of its jokes. Most people find them sick. Ren was a little chiuaua with an acent. Stimpy was a fat red cat. This show was one very funny show.

4. Doug
Doug started in 1991. Doug Funnie lived in a town called Bluffington with his dog, Porkchop, and his friends Patty Mayonase, and Skeeter. He writes in his journal almost every day. He also has adventures as Quailman, and the Cameleon. He would also listen to his favorite band- The Beets! Unfortunatly, Doug ended in 1994. I still get the theme song stuck in my head sometimes!

5. Rockos modern life

Rockos modern life started in 1993. It is about an Austrailian wallaby named Rocko, living in a town called O-Town. Rocko has, a dog, spunky, his friends heffer wolfe, and filburt. Heffer is a not to birght steer, and filburt is a turtle. I used to watch this show all the time! But the however, the show unfortunatly ended in 1996.

6 Aaahh! real monsters

This show started in 1994. It is about 3 monsters (Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina) studing to scare humans. Ickis looks sorta like a red rabbit with elf shoes, Krumm has to hold on to his eyes, and Oblina has the shape of an umbrella handle. The three monsters get into sticky situations, but have a good time in the process. The show ended in 1998.

Well there you have it. My list of Nick Cartoons! Many of them should have stayed in production longer because they were cartoons both kids and adults could enjoy. I remember that Rugrats was my Dads favorite cartoon, until Nick tried to do All Grown Up. Once again, Nickelodeon, what were you thinking?!?

I think all of these shows should have their own channel along with other ol nick shows, or Nick should have more Nick Rewind!!
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