Teen Witch Quotes
      (realizing that richie is a dog)
      Richie: Louise, What did you do to me?
      Louise: It was a mistake, I didn't mean it. I can fix this.
      (Richie goes to mirror)
      Richie: Look at me! I got all this hair on me! I even smell like a dog!
      I gotta get out of here
      (Horn honks)
      It's mom. She hates dog. Hey, maybe she put me in the pound. Louise you gotta do something.
        Rhet: A roger, a love wand, joy stick, dong, zipper lizard, tally whacker, trouser snake, schlong!
          Louise Miller: (about the disgusting pizza Richie is preparing) This is disgusting! You better clean this mess up before mom gets home.
          Richie Miller: I don't have to.
          Louise Miller: I am telling you, I don't want to listen to her yell at you. You are an unbelievable pig!
          Richie Miller: I'm rubber your glue whatever you call me sticks back on you.
          Louise Miller: No! I'm rubber YOUR glue whatever YOU call me sticks back on YOU!
          Richie Miller: You think you're hot stuff because you went to a dance. Dream on! No one wants do date you because you are a dog! A dog! A dog!
          (after he says this, Louise turns Richie turns into a dog)
            Richie Miller: I took the liberty of ironing your homework.
              Richie Miller: Nobody's comin' to your sweet sixteen party Louise.
                Brad Powell: Where are all your chairs?
                  Ms. Molloy: The leads are Brad and... Kiki, Duncan will play the King, and Louise will be the assistant costume mistress!
                    Polly: Look at how funky he is!
                      "I'm hot... and you're not... but if you want to get with me I'll give it one shot, TOP THAT!" -Rhet (rapping)