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SEGA - Mega CD (Australia)
Same thing like "Welcome to the Next Level" American slogan. It may based on Sega CD advert in USA, that would it be Mega CD advert in Australia.
Taco Bell - Gidget The Chihuahua
¡Yo quiero Taco Bell! R.I.P. Gidget (1994-2009)
Yes Gear - Yak Bak
Keep record to say yourself, before you play back with Yak Bak.
Heinz Tomato Ketchup - Ants
It really sounds like "Ooo-eee-ooo" music from Wizard of Oz.
Listerine - Knight
Created from Pixar Animation Studios
Levi's Jeans - Woman Getting What She Wants
Created from Pixar Animation Studios
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