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Metal Armor Dragonar
Ending #2: "Shiny Boy" by Mami Yamase
Metal Armor Dragonar
Ending #1: "Illusion wo Sagashite" by Mami Ayukawa
Fraggle Rock
Taken from a 1986 airing on CBC, Canada
ABC World News Tonight
Closing outro from February 17, 2017
Polish DVD dub credits (with TERRIBLE SINGING and wrong video)
Polish TV Dub credits
English credits
Spanish credits (original)
The Moomins
Norwegian credits (from Diventone)
The Moomins
European Spanish credits (from Diventone)
Quote O' Matic
  • Vinnie: Are you totally nuts or what?!! You coulda killed somebody upstairsss.
    Gino: But there ain't nobody upstairssss.
    Vinnie: There's nobody upstairss? How would you know? Did you bust in the joint?
    Gino: You know what? I don't recall.
  • Out for Justice