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Worlds of Wonder: Teddy Ruxpin Adventure Series
More can read along with Teddy Ruxpin. Featuring, Brendan James.
Worlds of Wonder: The World of Teddy Ruxpin
Some of the audio books for animatronic toy requires. Not for any other cassette players.
Worlds of Wonder: Teddy Ruxpin
The first animatronic toy ever. The spoof of Frankenstein scene looks kinda funny. And, it's alive!
Ground Water Sale Ends Monday
Network Music's Mechanical Marathon
Plácido Domingo: Romanzas de Zarzuelas New Album
Taken from 1989 Spanish tenor and conductor.
Mala Noche No! on Telemundo with guest Mijares
Taken from 1989 Mexican singer. Hosted by Verónica Castro.
Quote O' Matic
  • Eunice: Do you know what day Friday was? Walpurgis night, witches' sabbath, a day when all the denizens of the unknown cavort.
  • Troll