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Maya The Honeybee
Persian Intro #2 ("Nik&Nikoo", IRIB Pooya TV)
Maya The Honeybee
Rare Persian Intro #1 ("Nik&Nikoo", IRIB TV1 1987)
Larry King Live
January 22, 2008 intro
Meet the Press
Opening intro from June 17, 2018
Postman Pat
Hebrew intro
Eyewitness News
KGO ABC7 News Special: Dub Nation Celebration open - June 12, 2018
Maya The Honeybee
Italian Intro #3
Maya The Honeybee
Italian Intro #2
Maya The Bee (2013)
Italian Intro
Pepper Ann
German intro
Quote O' Matic
  • Ash: Hey Brock wheres Prof Ivy
    (Turns blue) Brock: ohh don't say that name
    Ash: Whats wrong?
    Brock: I don't want to talk about it.
  • Pokemon