Latest Junk
Zapped! and Losin' It Movie Promos on KTLA
Taken both from 1982 and 1983 Movies.
KTLA The Twilight Zone Marathon Starts Mon. 7/4/88
Taken reruns from 1988 with The Manhattan Transfer song.
Shadoe Stevens for Federated in 17th Annual Market
Taken from 1987 radio disc jockey, former Hollywood Squares announcer and former American Top 40 host.
Sábado Gigante on Univision in El Beso en España
Taken from 1989 with former TV show host Don Francisco.
Red Dawn Movie Promo on KTLA
Taken from 1984 Movie with the late Patrick Swayze.
Missing in Action Movie Promo on KTLA
Taken from 1984 Chuck Norris Movie.
KTLA Chuck Norris Triple Hitter Promo Starts Wed.
With Force Vengeance Wedneday from 1982, Missing in Action Thursday from 1984 and An Eye for an Eye Friday from 1981.
Quote O' Matic
  • Fez: Hey Rhonda. Want to have a hot-dog eating contest?
    Rhonda: I can't have a hot-dog eating contest ever. It's not proper.
    Fez: Who says?
    Rhonda: They do.
    Fez: I see. What have you meddling whores done to my Rhonda?
    Donna: It wasn't my fault
  • That '70s Show