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Blue's Clues
Hebrew credits
Rolie Polie Olie
Hebrew credits
Samurai Jack
Here is the bittersweet ending to the final episode of Samurai Jack. Ashi's death will forever go down as one of the most famous tragic moments in ani...
Reading Rainbow
From June 25, 1987, comes the finale and ending credits to "The Paper Crane" featuring the Soh Daiko Japanese festival taiko drum group. Drum it up, b...
The Woody Woodpecker Show
1957-58 series ending
BBC Breakfast
Closing outro from December 17, 2001
Face The Nation
Closing outro from May 21, 2017
The Little Flying Bears
English credits (stereo)
Face The Nation
Closing outro from April 30, 2017 - President Donald Trump's First 100 Days
Quote O' Matic
  • Joe and Rose: Joe: "Knock knock."
    Rose: "Who's there?"
    Joe: "Orange."
    Rose: "Orange who?"
    Joe: "Orange you going to give us a break by zipping this credit card *through* the credit card machine? Come on. You can do it." (she accepts his credit card) "T
    -Joe and Rose
  • You've Got Mail