Latest Junk
Oreck XL Vacuum Original Commercial
The original ad for the Oreck XL vacuum. Watermerked.
Alpha Bits - Wizard
They don't make them like they used to.
Pop Secret Pop Qwiz
I wish I could've tried this.
YTV Retro - Early Access and More!
YTV Retro - Early Access and More!
Microsoft Windows with Steve Ballmer
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer sells the original version of Windows in 1985. Low quality.
Oatmeal Swirlers
Unfortunately I never got to try these.
Mr. Clean - Live and in Person
Mr. Clean portrayed by Mark Dana. You thought Mr. Clean was a silent character. Well, You are WRONG!
Mr. Clean - Little Girl
Thank You, Mark Dana. We love you, And we miss you so much. :'(
YTV - Halloween Bumpers (2000-2003)
YTV - Halloween Bumpers (2000-2003)
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