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The Dinosaurs! (1992 PBS Documentary)
Again, same video as before, but with the outro music replaced with that of Rescuers Down Under, again, just for fun!
The Dinosaurs! (1992 PBS Documentary)
This is the end credits outro for the first episode, The Monsters Emerge.
Goof Troop
Russian 2nd dub credits
Danny Phantom
Polish credits
Sesame Street
Season 32 ending credits and fundings from 2001 (high quality)
Closing credits from H&I, featuring the Viacom "Wigga Wigga" logo.
Have Gun - Will Travel
End credits with the Viacom "V of Doom" Videotaped logo. As seen on H&I.
Timon & Pumbaa
Armenian credits
The Fairly OddParents
Polish credits (season 8)
The Amanda Show
End credits as sourced from the "Girls Room" DVD of the show.
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