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1966 credits
Reading Rainbow
1991 ending to "Opt: An Illusionary Tale"
Reading Rainbow
1988 ending to "The Bionic Bunny Show" featuring the cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and a blooper reel.
Allegra's Window
Season 1 credits (1994)
KXAS-TV Newscasts
Channel 5 News Tonight close - November 1, 1984
Super High Speed Galvion
Ending: "Memory Lullaby" by Riyuko Tanaka
KXAS-TV Newscasts
Texas News 5 10PM Weekend close - December 23, 1989
KXAS-TV Newscasts
Channel 5 News 6PM close - August 8, 1988
Quote O' Matic
  • Spaz:"What's cookin';Good lookin'?"Wendy(laughing):"Your Fly's Open".Girl Counselor:"Tripper I'm looking for some action this summer."Tripper:"Well,I can supply it,but the guy you gotta watch out for is Spaz;He's A"sex Machine."Girl:"Are you kidding,he couldn't walk me with A trumpet and drum."Tripp...
  • Meatballs