Boston, 1942. After being scolded by his mother for putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a nude girl, a young boy chops her to death with an axe and claims a big man was responsible. Forty years later, on a college campus, a young girl's skateboarding accident triggers the memory of the murder and the killer sets out to complete his jigsaw...and starts another grizzly puzzle of the human kind as he stalks the female co-eds with a chainsaw. Police begin questioning the dean, his secretary, and members of the faculty and staff, but they can't seem to find any answers to the dastardly deaths as well as the whereabouts of the missing pieces at each scene of the crime. Soon after, they start asking campus "stud" Kendall for any clues and to watch over policewoman Mary Riggs who goes undercover as the school's new tennis coach. But can they identify the shadowy suspect before he strikes down on another student? Originally released under the title Mi gritos tiene la noche (translate One Thousand Cries Has the Night).