Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour
Debut: January 01, 1983
Ended: January 01, 1984

This short-lived blend of "Match Game" and "Hollwood Squares" had a workable premise: two new contestants played the "Match Game" portion of the show, with the winner going on to the "Hollywood Squares" portion against the previous day's champion. The winner of the "Hollywood Squares" section was the day's champion and went on to play the "Super Match" bonus round from "Match Game." Gene Rayburn, the original host of "Match Game," hosted the MG portion and was a panelist on the HS portion. Jon Bauman, "Bowser" from the group Sha-Na-Na, hosted the HS portion and was a panelist on the MG portion. These days, the main theme can be heard as a car prize cue on "The Price is Right."

Cheryl: "I know that answer is way off, so I will have to disagree."
Jon: "You were right to disagree, and "X"... no, I'm sorry. "O" gets the square. (An O lights up) Sorry about that, Cheryl. You're the CHALLENGER. STACEY is the champion."
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Gene Rayburn: "Weird Willie is sooo Weird; Audience: HOW WEIRD WAS HE!?!?!?! -Gene Rayburn"
Gene Rayburn: "Welcome To The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour -Gene Rayburn"
Gene Wood: "This Is Gene Wood Speaking For The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour; A Mark Goodson Television Production -Gene Wood"
Gene Wood: "It's Time For The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour! -Gene Wood"
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