NFL On Fox
Debut: January 01, 1994
Debut: January 01, 1994

Coverage of the National Football League by the Fox Broadcasting Company. In 1987 Fox was growing as a broadcast network but could not compete with the "big three" without any sports programming. After outbidding CBS for continued coverage of the NFL, Fox began covering games in 1994. Finally having a way of covering football for the new season, it was finally the move which grew Fox to being as big a network as the "big three". NFL on Fox would pioneer the use of on-screen graphics for scores and other in-game statistics. This would later expand to Fox coverage of other sports and such a practice would be picked up by other sports programming. Scott Shreer produced the show's distinctive theme song which would later be expanded to other Fox sports shows including MLB Coverage. Every broadcast begins with the pregame show Fox NFL Sunday and the game is followed by the post-game show The OT, which was designed to preserve the integrity of Fox prime time shows in case of overrun.

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