Heathcliff and the Catallic Cats
Debut: October 04, 1984
Ended: October 07, 1988
Debut: October 04, 1984
Ended: October 07, 1988

The series debuted in 1984 produced by DIC and aired from 1984-1988 for 65 episodes

Heathcliff: "I've Come from a long line of baaaaaaaaaaaaad pussycats! - Heathcliff"
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Cleo: "Cleo: At least his heart is in the right place. - Cleo"
Riff Raff: "Now if we could just find his brains. - Riff Raff"
Riff Raff: "Riff Raff: Even in the house of the future, I can't escape my past. - Riff Raff"
Cleo: "Cleo: These guys are like chewing gum on the bottom of your shoe. - Cleo"
Riff Raff: "Yeah, I guess with stuck with them. - Riff Raff"
Snooty Cat: "I Know Judo. - Snooty Cat"
Riff Raff: "Then maybe he can visit you in the hospital. - Riff Raff"
Mungo: "Sorrrry. - Mungo"
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