Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2000

DILBERT had a short run through 1999-2000. The show followed an average day through DILBERT's life. Ridiculous slapstick and parody come together in this amazingly well casted show, featureing celebrities and good animation. Characters DILBERT deals with are: His sarcastic talking dog, ironically called Dogbert. His [pet?] rat, Ratbert. A mysterious garbage man. Wally; a lazy co-worker who would do anything to get out of work. A former model employee. Alice; a no-nonsence fellow co-worker. DILBERT is definetely a smart show, meant for above average viewers. Although it can be enjoyed by lot's of differen't people. Based on the comic strip Dilbert by Scott Adams.

Alice: "[After Wally finds a porno mag in Dilbert's desk.] Ugh! That's disgusting. I can sue you both for making this a hostile work environment. -Alice"
Dilbert: "10 minutes ago, you beat a man senseless."
Alice: "He was senseless before I beat him. -Alice"
Pointy Haired Boss: "Are you tellin' me -- that Hon Solo's ship is HERE!?! -Pointy Haired Boss"
Dilbert: "That's the "Millineum Falcon". I'm talking about the "Millineum bug" Y2K. -Dilbert"
Pointy Haired Boss: "Okay Dilbert you're in charge of taking care of the problem. -Pointy Haired Boss"
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