Watership Down (TV Series)
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 2001

Based on Richard Adam's best selling novel and produced by Martin Rosen, who produced the orginal 1978 feature film, Watership Down the TV series was first bradcast on CITV in 1999. However to many fans of the book and film, this was a dissapointment, though it opened the door to new fans of Richard Adam's creations. The story is set after the group of rabbits left Sandleford (how they left Sandleford was never explaned in this timeline), but they soon find their way to Watership Down. The rabbits soon encounter Cowslip and his rabbits that lived in the Warren of the Shining Wires and later General Woundwort and Efrafa. Some of the stories in the series, were based on events which happend in the book, though mostily these were orginal stories. After ending on a cliffhanger at the end of Series 1 in 1999, Series 2 began in May 2000 with the conclusion. A third series was made, however it wasen't aired in England mainly due to it's more darker theme, the animation for Series 3 was also changed, many of the celebrity and regular vocal cast left and the only country where it aired in English was in Canada, though all 3 series were recentily released on DVD in the UK. The music was provided by Mike Batt (Dreamstone, Wombles and who orginally wrote Bright Eyes for the 1978 film) and had a total of 39 episodes, despite the show being unpopular with book and film fans due to changes like Hzenthlay becoming Primrose and Blackberry getting a sex change from a buck to a doe in this modern adaptation.

Hawkbit: "OW! I broke a nail."
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