Debut: September 12, 1981
Ended: December 02, 1989

smur 285 episodes (425 segments; spanning 9 seasons) produced. a Hanna-Barbera production, with SEPP International (seasons 1-7)/Lafig (season 8 & 9) for NBC.

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Azrael the Cat: "Reow-row-row-reowww!"
Papa Smurf: "Run, Smurfs! We have to Smurf to higher grounds!"
Smurfs: "La,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la!"
Smurfs: "GARGAMEL!"
Grumpy Smurf: "I hate lists! But I love Papa Smurf!"
Papa Smurf: "Enought fighting! Lets all have a smurfy day!"
Isn't this smurfy?: "Jokey"
Brainy: "Now Now! We all need to smurf down!"
Smurf: "Have a very Smurfy day!"
Papa Smurf: "Nature Smurf, this time your love of animals has gone too far. "
Papa Smurf: "Not much further my little smurfs."
Brainy Smurf: "Is it much further Papa Smurf?"
Gargamel: "Ooo, those goody-goody Smurfs make me sick!"
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