Blue's Clues
Debut: January 01, 1996
Ended: January 01, 2006
Debut: January 01, 1996
Ended: January 01, 2006

A paper cut-out show with a live action lead character named Steve. Steve lived with his puppy, Blue and figured out what Blue wanted to say through a trio of clues. The show set a standard format for kids shows to follow by having almost the exact same sequence of events occur at the same time every episode and an encouragement of viewer participation. The show had a unique art style with colorful paper cutout graphics resembling a storybook and a setting of a pretty plain house, being very familiar to children. In 2002 Steve left the show to peruse a career in music and the show was taken over by his brother Joe(Donovan Patton). In 2006 a spin off named Blue's Room was made which featured Blue and other characters as puppets. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of that show the same year, Blue got a baby brother, a white puppy with rainbow-colored spots named Sprinkles. Even today with almost all kids shows now following the format set by Blue's Clues, the impact this show had on children's television still remains relevant. In 2019 Nickeloden announced a reboot called "Blue's Clues & You" that would be hosted by Joshua Dela Cruz.

Steven Burns: "Hey, do you see what's else is wrong in this calendar picture?"
Blue: "[wondering; bark]"
Calendar Swimmer: "[After viewer notices him] Wahoo! [Runs away as the water in the pond "scribbles" into ice]"
Steven: "Oh, yeah. [happily scoff] You can't swim outside in the wintertime. It's just too cold."
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Steve: "Look, it's a letter from our friends!"
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Joe: "We sat on down, figured it out! Because that's what Blue's Clues is all about! Hey, you're really smart!"
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Steve: "We just figured out Blue's Clues, cause we're really smart!"
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Steve: "Blue skidooed, we can too!"
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Steve: "We are gonna play Blue's Clues, cause it's really fun!"
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Steve: "Here's the mail, it never fails. It makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna yell "Mail!""
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Steve: "We just got a letter. We just got a letter. We just got a letter. Wonder who it's from?"
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Mailbox & Party Guests: "Pin the flag on Mailbox! Pin the flag on Mailbox!" "GO! -Mailbox & Party Guests"
Steve: "Up a mountain and over a bridge. In between red and green apple trees! -Steve"
Steve: "We just got a letter we just got a letter we just got a letter I wonder who it's from. -Steve"
Oranges: "Oranges grow on trees, on trees. Oranges grow on trees. -Oranges"
Kids: "A clue! A clue!"
Mailbox: "Mails here. Mails here. -Mailbox"
Steve: "Heres the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail every time I yell MAIL. -Steve"
Steve: "We just figured out Blue's Clues. We just figured out Blue's Clues. We just figured out Blue's Clues cause we're really smart. -Steve"
Steve: "Hi out there it me Steve! Have you seen Blue my puppy? -Steve"
Steve: "Now it's time for so long but we'll sing just one more song you know with me and you and my dog Blue we can do anything that we wanna do. -Steve"
Steve: "Wow. Now that sentence really doesn't make sense. -Steve"
Steve: "This is a really great book. -Steve"
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