Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko
Debut: January 01, 1996
Ended: January 01, 1999

a sci-fi anime series based on novels by Shoji Takashi. There have been two 3-episode OVAs from J.C.Staff. The series was released in the United States by The Right Stuf International on DVD in 2003.The series is set in 2999 AD, where two factions—TERRA and NESS—are engaged in a space war game to control planets. They fight with spaceships, which have been made to teleport their pilots back to the mother ship upon destruction. This results in the battles having no true casualties. Since the reflexes of people in the 30th century have greatly deteriorated, a TERRA engineer, Curtis Lawson, uses a time machine to go back 1000 years in time. There, he recruits the four protagonists of the story to fight for TERRA. There is also a 26-episode television series.OVA introduction Edit The following is from the back of the US DVD release: A thousand years from now, the great battles between civilizations have been reduced to the shoulders of a handful of chosen champions. When a war is waged, each side picks its representatives, gives them spaceships and the fight is on! Of course if their champion loses, they must admit defeat and give in to the wishes of the other. Very handy, very civilized—unless you don't happen to have any good fighters. Terra team has had it tough lately: Ness' "Red Snappers" team has had things their way. Even with technically superior ships, things are bleak for Terra. To make matters worse, they only have three pilots. Despite a concerted effort to recruit girls from the past, the team simply keeps losing! Now they desperately need someone special... someone powerful, capable, and who possess a killer instinct. A pilot of extraordinary skill to crew the new model ship. They need... Yamamoto Yohko! Now if they can just convince her that a better life awaits her in the future, with new friends, new videogames and some very powerful hypertechnology (well some things just take less convincing than others!), Terra might be able to defeat the Red Snap

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