Doraemon: Gadget Cat From The Future
Debut: January 01, 1973
Debut: January 01, 1973

Doraemon is one of the most legendary anime characters in Japan. Just like the frog alien Keroro Gunso, the series tells the story of a robotic feline, who travels back though time to help a unlucky kid named Nobita Nobi (Norbert "Noby" Noble as his family, his friends, and his foes call him in the US version). After a brief and unpopular animated series in 1973 by Nippon Television, Doraemon remained fairly exclusive in his manga form. All that changed in 1979, when TV Asahi created their own animated version of Doraemon, and it became an international hit. This series became incredibly popular, and ended with 1,049 episodes on March 25, 2005. Celebrating Doraemon's 40th anniversary, the gadget cat from the future finally made his US debut on Disney XD, & this version of Doraemon was dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment. This version features the voices of Saban alums Mona Marshall as Doraemon & Johnny Yong Bosch as Noby.

Norbert "Noby" Noble: "DORAEMON!!!!!!!!!!! - Norbert "Noby" Noble"
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