Samurai Pizza Cats
Debut: January 01, 1988
Ended: January 01, 1991
Debut: January 01, 1988
Ended: January 01, 1991

Three cats who work for a pizza parlor in Little Tokyo must suit up in every episode and stop the Big Cheese's latest plot to take over the city. Samurai Pizza Cats lived and died relatively unknown, but those who have seen it take pride in its quirky translation parodying the show and the genre in general.

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Speedy: "[from "The Terror of Prisoner Island"] Holy Cow, it's the middle of a night!"
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Speedy: "(to Guido) You little rat!"
Polly: "(appearing) Who are you talking to?!"
Speedy: "(to Polly) There was a little rat, didn't you see it? (Ep. "The Great Golden Cluck")"
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Narrator: "[from "Stop Dragging My Cat Around"] An entire city block is flattened in the blink of an eye… including a retirement home for ageing Ninja Turtles."
Captain Nitro: "I am Captain Nitro, from Blown Up with People. Have you anyone in need of attitude adjustment? -Captain Nitro"
Captain Nitro: "Don't worry! Blowing up is good for you; clears those arteries out! -Captain Nitro"
Polly Esther: "A fully functioning, cybernetic, technologically advanced team of superheroes... and NOBODY'S got a flashlight? -Polly Esther"
Speedy Service: "Now for something completely silly. -Speedy Service"
Guru Lou: "Read my eyelids:  NO NEW ROBOTS! -Guru Lou"
Director: "Will someone please cue that bird? -Director"
Polly Esther: "Who comes up with these lines? -Polly Esther"
Bad Bird: "Bird Brain Batallion attack! -Bad Bird"
Speedy: "Samurais always land on their feet!"
Prof. Ohm's Son: "Not in Kurasawa films."
Francine Guido: "A mysterious force is making people dance wildly and threatening to destroy our entire way of life!' 'Must be rap music. -Francine Guido"
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