Debut: January 23, 1996
Ended: May 14, 2001
Debut: January 23, 1996
Ended: May 14, 2001

Moesha Deniese Mitchell( famous singer Brandy) is teenager who soon became an adult, learning various issues to do with love, sex, relationship and family. Following her mothers death Moesha looked after her father Frank Mitchell (William Allen Young) and brother Myles Mitchell (Marcus T. Paulk) She jealous of her new step-mother Dee Mitchell (Sherly Lee Ralph) who seemed to be taking over her role but the two have gotten to know and understand each other. Mo's friends Kim Parker (Countess Vaughn-James), Niecy Jackson (Shar Jackson) and Hakeem Campbell (Lamount Bentley) have made it through teenage adventure-hood with Moesha into becoming mature adults.

Myles Moesha: "'I want to get a job.' 'Now Myles, you know the circus is *not* in town.' -Myles Moesha"
Kim Hakeem: "'You know, why are you always playing so hard-to-get?' 'I'm not playing!' -Kim Hakeem"
Hakeem Frank Mitchell: "'What's up, Jetsons!' 'Jetsons?' 'Yeah, you and George got the same haircut.' -Hakeem Frank Mitchell"
Kim: "What's up, Shawshank? I thought you were doing five to ten. -Kim"
Moesha Niecy: "Niecy, which Tae-Bo tape is this?' 'Oh, girl, those tapes are too expensive. This is Tae-Po. -Moesha Niecy"
Kim: "Chicken, get yo' chicken here. Chicken. Free chicken. Half off the free chicken! -Kim"
Quinton: "[about Channing] That brotha's a teacher? Dang, who's head of the English department? Foxy Brown? -Quinton"
Moesha Dr. Woods: "'The Mitchells are your typical middle-class family. Lots of laughs, lots of hugs, lots of love.' 'Lots of drama.' -Moesha Dr. Woods"
Myles Moesha: "'Looks like it's back to picking lemons.' 'Lemons? You better make that cotton.' -Myles Moesha"
Niecy Antonio: "Niecy: Hola, chico. Antonio: Oh, and Happy Kwanzaa, my sista! -Niecy Antonio"
Sara Andell: "'Andell, if we split a Cherry Soda, can we still get the free refills?' 'No, Broke-ahontas.' -Sara Andell"
Cop Frank Mitchell: "'Calm down.' 'Don't you tell me to calm down, I pay your salary!' 'Then I need a raise.' -Cop Frank Mitchell"
Niecy Myles: "'I'm watching my figure.' 'Then maybe you can tell the rest of us where to look for it.' -Niecy Myles"
Moesha Niecy: "Moesha: You know I can dance like Janet. Niecy: Yup - Reno. -Moesha Niecy"
Moesha: "Moesha: I don't look like Brandy! I'm cuter than her. -Moesha"
Hakeem: "Hakeem: Boom! -Hakeem"
Kim: "What happened, Mo, did you forget where you live? -Kim"
Kim: "Y'all are dysfun... Y'all are dysfun... Y'all can't get along. -Kim"
Kim Taylor: "[about Kim's weight] Kim: It's just baby fat. Taylor: No, it's just fat, baby. -Kim Taylor"
Aaron Moesha: "'Come on, Mo, I never said I was a virgin.' 'No, but I didn't know you were a ho!' -Aaron Moesha"
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