Stella and Sam
Debut: January 01, 2010
Ended: January 01, 2015

With wild red hair and an imagination to match, nine year old Stella is truly a "star" in the eyes of her four year old brother Sam. He feels lucky to have a big sister like Stella, who does ninety-nine things a day and wouldn't dream of leaving Sam out of the fun! Besides, Stella knows everything, which is helpful when you're a little guy who's eager to explore the long as someone else goes first!

Stella: "Say Bananas!"
Sam & Owen: "Bananas!"
Stella: "Click."
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Owen: "Oh Fred not my toes. (Owen laughs as Fred licks Owen's face)"
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Stella: "One little piggy, two little piggies, three little piggies, four little piggies, five little piggies?"
Sam: "Mm-hmm"
Stella: "The muddy mess maker only has four little piggies."
Sam: "And my feet are too big see?"
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Stella: "Koochie koo baby toe."
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Sam: "I can't play now Fred. I'm making Stella sister day card."
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Sam: "(singing) Rock-a-bye doggie in the treetop. When the wind blows the cradle will rock."
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Stella: "Belly rub, belly rub who wants a belly rub?"
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Stella: "(singing) Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Brother Sam. Brother Sam. It's a special morning time to stop your snoring, Wake up Sam. Wake up Sam. (sigh) Not a peep."
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Owen: "I found a big green nut. I'm a lucky squirrel (num num num) but it won't open up! (num num num)"
Sam: "You're funny Owen."
Owen: "I know."
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Sam & Owen: "Belly Button!"
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Sam: "The song that we are going to do today, it's called "Over in the Meadow""
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