Seiyu's Life!
Debut: January 01, 2015
Debut: January 01, 2015

(Japanese: それが声優! Hepburn: Sore ga Seiyū!, lit. That is a Voice Actor!) is a comedy 4-panel dōjin manga series. The manga is written by the voice actress Masumi Asano, with art by Kenjiro Hata, and is released under the circle name Hajimemashite. The manga was launched at Comiket 81 in December 2011, with further releases at each subsequent Comiket. An anime television series adaptation by Gonzo aired between July and September 2015.[1][2]The series is centered on three friends who are all rookie voice actresses; Futaba Ichinose, Ichigo Moesaki and Rin Kohana. As the girls go through their individual troubles of working in voice acting, they end up hosting a web radio show together and form the unit, Earphones.Main characters Edit Futaba Ichinose (一ノ瀬 双葉 Ichinose Futaba) Voiced by: Rie Takahashi[3] A shy and nervous rookie voice actor, who has a tendency to overthink what kind of performance she should give. In between jobs, she works part-time at a convenience store. She has a stuffed doll called Korori-chan (コロリちゃん) that she occasionally voices to in order to give herself encouragement (in the anime, Korori-chan is also used to explain the various aspects of the voice acting industry). She is a member in the unit Earphones Ichigo Moesaki (萌咲 いちご Moesaki Ichigo) Voiced by: Yuki Nagaku[3] A hyperactive girl who often claims to be a princess from a strawberry planet as part of her character. She works part-time jobs which she sometimes gets fired from due to absences. She has a cheerful character that can make Futaba and Rin carried by the atmosphere. She is a member of the unit Earphones Rin Kohana (小花 鈴 Kohana Rin) Voiced by: Marika Kouno[3] A polite 15-year old girl who does voice roles while also attending junior high school. Although her age is the most young, she has an excellent ability as a voice actress. She also is a part of the unit Earphones. Aozora Production Edit Hikari Shiodome (汐留 ヒカリ Shiodome Hikari, Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame): Futaba's senior Med

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