Wait Til Your Father Gets Home
Debut: December 15, 1972
Ended: December 15, 1974
Debut: December 15, 1972
Ended: December 15, 1974

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home was an animated television series produced from 1972 to 1974. The 49 episodes features Tom Bosley as Harry Boyle, the long-suffering suburban everyman dad and restaurant equipment dealer. The Boyle family consists of father Harry, wife Irma (voiced by Joan Gerber), overweight daughter Alice, lazy, unemployed young adult son Chet and a younger son, Jamie. Harry often bickers with the more liberal Alice and Chet over various social attitudes of the day with Irma endeavoring to remain neutral while Jamie is more sympathetic to his father's beliefs. To balance out Harry's conservativism, there is Ralph Kane, Boyle's neighbour who is a right wing militant vigilante. Ralph's fanatically intolerant and potentially violent obsessions allow the disapproving Harry to appear reasonable and sympathetic in comparison. Ralph is possibly the model for Dale Gribble on King of the Hill. Many of the stories revolve around the generation gap between Boyle and his children. The show was inspired by All In The Family, itself a remake of the British series Til Death Us Do Part The show premiered as a one-time segment on Love, American Style (as did the show Tom Bosley is better known for, Happy Days) and was spun off into a syndicated series. Voice actors: Tom Bosley as Harry Joan Gerber as Irma Kristina Holland as Alice David Hayward as Chet Jackie Hayler as Jamie Jack Burns as Ralph For two years this was Hanna-Barbera's second-most-popular primetime animated show, and as a result a number of celebrity guest stars appeared in the second season Guest Stars Included: Phyllis Diller Don Knotts Don Adams Rich Little Monty Hall Jonathan Winters

11 years, 4 months ago
This show does NOT remind me of The Simpson\'s or Family Guy. While I enjoy Family Guy for it\'s inappropriateness and crudeness, this show was not like that..was itt??
    13 years, 2 months ago
    This show used to air on the Global Television Network sometime during the early 80s. I didn\'t even know that this show existed because my mother didn\'t have cable for us untill we moved in to our new house that came with cable.
      14 years ago
      I love this show so much. My mom used to watch it when she was little and then she made me watch it and I loved it. ohh...the nostalgia\'s sinking in...
        14 years, 3 months ago
        I seen this show once I had to stay up until Twelve Thirty in the morning to watch this the song is catchy
          14 years, 5 months ago
          This show from the collection of Hanna-Barbera, This show was made in the early 1970\'s was about the Boyle family and dealing with\"The Generation Gap\" this show covered a lot of topics of the day such as sex,bigotry,feminism,violence and other stuff.

          Saw the episodes during The Fathers Day Boomerang marathon.
            14 years, 6 months ago
            very good show, i saw one episode last week very entertaining and funny... reminds me of the simpsons and family guy...
              14 years, 10 months ago
              I also love this show. I just wish I had the Boom channel. Sigh. Stupid Cartoon Network for removing all the good shows and replacing them with all that crud they have on there now. Gimme the classics any day. Wait till your father gets home CT.
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