Klonoa lunatea:the animation
Debut: January 01, 2019
Debut: January 01, 2019

Anime base on the ps2 game by bandai,produced by satelight, I had portrayed the moment when Lolo was desperately clinging to Klonoa and hoping that he won't go... ;__; I still remember that moment when Lolo was so strong and confident to have Klonoa leaving them because his job was done in Lunatea, he did after all save Lunatea from damnation, restoring peace and order to all the kingdoms with the help of Lolo's strength and courage, Popka helping too (I used him to help me in the final boss, geez I'm so cheap aren't I? XXD). I remembered when Klonoa was confident that Lolo will be strong and won't cry if he left Lunatea... But you know I was already frowning a little with a smile (just like Klonoa! ~ a part of me said I wanted to stay and help Lolo with her journey to become a high priestess but the other part of me said that I had to go because otherwise Lolo will then have to rely on others all the time and maybe it would be best if she trained alone - well not totally alone, she'll get assistance from Popka of course! ^^) You see what was so special about this game was the relationship they developed right from the beginning of the game. The prophecies said that a saint will come to save their land when the time is right and he will land himself in the Sea of Tears. Lolo followed the prophecy and waited for 'him'. He indeed came and well she managed to convince him to help her because Lunatea will soon face a lot of trouble and despair. From there on she seek further counseling from the high priestess and got her status as trainee priestess. Klonoa, Lolo and Popka were officially set out by the high priestess to save the kingdoms of Lunatea before it's too late. After though many battles that required a lot of strength and determination they had managed to do what they were told (that is to collect the 4 elements from each kingdom - peace and order were retained through these elements in each kingdom), achieving the unthinkable. When they returned they wer

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