Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Debut: January 01, 1994
Ended: January 01, 1998
Debut: January 01, 1994
Ended: January 01, 1998

The 90s version of Spider-Man is the longest running Spider-Man cartoon at 65 episodes. This series really portrayed Peter Parker and what was in his mind. A lot of the show is Peter thinking to himself outloud, giving the audience a true feel of his emotions. The animation was superb, even mixing in some CGI effects. Spidey fought all the main villians from the comic books but one flaw of the show is that it never really had an ending. It was just followed by Spider-Man Unlimited in 1999.

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Shocker: "Getting rid of you is gonna be a BLAST."
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Newspaper Editior: "My office, my newspaper: Wrecked! Jameson was right. YOU'RE FIRED!"
Eddie: "Oh, no. No! He's done it to me again! I'll get even with you! I'll get even with you if it's the last thing I do!"
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Kingpin: "I only handle the best."
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Venom: "Back off! He belongs to us!"
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Alica Silver: "At least you don't have to worry about diapers anymore Silvermane: I wouldn't be so sure about that."
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Hobgoblin: "*after being attacked by the Green Goblin* What?? I thought Osborn gave me his best stuff?? Green Goblin: Osborn has a new friend, me!!!"
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Venom: "You'll see us everywhere, even in your nightmares!"
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Venom: "*after Carnage attacks War Machine* Who are you?? Carnage: Don't you recognize us?? We are your spawn, you gave birth to us in space! Venom: Yesss we remember now. Carnage: We call ourselves Carnage! Spiderman: Carnage?! There's another symbiote??"
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venom: "caught in my web said tha spider to the fly -venom"
Shocker: "Rhino you clown! You ripped my electro suit!"
Dr.Octopus: "Where are you Spider-Man? Why do yo hide behind these silly tricks?"
Dr.Octopus: "Coward am I?!"
J.Jonah Jameson: "No I don't want escargot. I hate escargot! I want caviar."
Secretary: "Mr.Jameson, your tuxedo is ready."
J.Jonah Jameson: "Blasted monkey suits, I hate them."
Hobgoblin: "Can't I ever be rid of you?!"
Rhino: "So all this time, Spider-Man was a robot?"
Dr. Octopus: "Neanderthal, that wasn't the real Spider-Man, it was an obvious fake."
Mary Jane Watson: "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot."
Beast: "Spider-Man, can you pull us up or hold on?"
Spidey: "(breath held abit & struggling) Maybe! Just... don't... make me... laugh..."
Scarlet Spider: "Got ya!"
Hobgoblin: "Maybe, but can you keep me?"
Storm: "Power of lightning, strike again."
Spider-Man: "Uhh...power of web shooters...get real...STICKY!"
Doc Ock: "Back off! You pea-brained, un-coordianated absurdly dressed excuse for a man!"
Scorpion: "Who are you calling 'absoidly' dressed?!"
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