Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Debut: January 01, 1995
Ended: January 01, 1996

It is the year After Colony 195, and war between the Space Colonies and Earth has begun. To give the colonies an edge, they send 5 young soldiers, trained to perfection, to earth in the most powerful of Mobile Suits-Gundams. With their arrival, the tide of the war changes as they battle against the Earth forces and the Colonies of their origin.

Duo Maxwell: "The God of death is back from hell!"
Heero Yuy: "Raelina Im going to kill you"
Heero Yuy: "Mission Accepted"
Relena Peacecraft: "Heero! I'm right over heere, so come and KILL me!"
Duo Maxwell: "Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie. That's me in a nutshell!"
Trowa: "Those who have laid eyes on a Gundam shall not live to tell about it. Those are my orders."
Wufei: "Show me what you've got!!!"
Oz general: "Enemy attack! Enemy attack! There's a Gundam down here!!"
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